Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saving Arielle - A Request for Help

Hello readers.  I am jumping back in here, after a long pause to do nothing but make a plea for help for a dear friend of mine.  Her name is Arielle.

Late last week, she was woken up in her apartment and lay there wondering what it was that startled her.  Then, she heard it again - gunfire in the apartment below.  Two bullets came screaming through the floor, terrifying her.  She could do nothing but cover her head with blankets and ride it out.

Needless to say, she was very shaken up and immediately left the apartment after the police had cleaned up the scene, to stay with relatives.  A few days later, she returned and went straight to the rental office of the complex to break her lease.  As you can imagine, Arielle didn't feel safe anymore.

Once she explained her intentions to the office manager, the OM leaned across the desk and said, forcefully, and condescendingly, "I'm sorry ma'am.  Crime has no address."

Thus, Arielle was stuck with a $1700.00 bill to pay to get out of the lease immediately.  Waiting a day, she went back to the office and spoke to the owner.  Due to her successful pleas, this gentleman kindly agreed to allowing her out of her lease for only $500.

I want to raise that $500 for her.  If you can spare even a few dollars, please click on the Chip In link below and donate to her.  I thank you sincerely, in advance, for your generosity and sacrifice.  So does Arielle.

Saving Arielle Chip In


I. C.