My Patriarchal Past Life

This page will link to stories of encounters I had with the stupid doctrine of authority in legalistic religion.  You will see my childhood on display, as well as the beginning of my adulthood.  Some of the excerpts will be shocking but, don't feel bad for me.  I am good now.  My wife and kids are still pulling me out, as well as current friends.  Instead, be angry and sad for those still stuck in this baloney sausage.

"pastor" Tim Henderson's Lie

A story of what a Hyles Anderson College for Child Pornography Artists golden boy will do when a person decides to look for greener pastures, rather than stay under his will.

Father's Day, Undeserved

Why I don't deserve recognition on Father's Day.

An Ode to My Sisters

My sisters had it tougher than me when they were younger.  Women in the patriarchal movement are treated much worse that men.  I speak to that here.

Answer to My Critics: My Childhood Opened My Eyes

After receiving more and more flack from people who have known me from my past, saying that I am just a bitter person with a vendetta against those who hurt me, I wrote this rebuttal.

The Reluctant Mother: A Drastic Change of Heart

This isn't about me.  It's about my sister and her story about learning to love her daughter after experiencing life under our mother.  She will do well as a mom.