Letters From Mama

I have reprinted letters and cards I have received over the years from Mama, with commentary.  Reading through the rest of Incongruous Circumspection, you will find her a very colorful character.  If not, this will do justice.

Son, You're Going to Go Blind

Mama reveals the inevitable.

Assumptive, Manipulative, Narcissism

The bribes continue. Mama reveals her narcissism.

An Expert On Love

Mama knew all about love.  If I spoke of marital problems, she had all the answers.

Don't Get Married!

I received this letter the day Kristine and I decided to get married.

Flattery and Sweet Lips

Eight months after I was married, my mother decided to butter me up with some sweet words.

Christmas Debt

Christmas, 2011 brought an interesting set of gifts from Mama - along with a few of her famous letters.

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