Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We're Winning - But We Have Work to Do

We are. Bill Gothard has fallen and his organization is in shambles, nothing but a paltry shell of what it used to be. Doug Phillips has been run aground, with his affairs and pompous arrogance. The Pearls are struggling to stay current with their abusive how-to's for parents and wives being discussed in public now, rather than in the shadows. The Duggars are simply charicatures of what used to be the movement, giving it lip service, while doing everything they can to stay relevant - watering down the message.

But that isn't to say we can be less vigilant. As the Duggars water the message down, they are accomplishing a new victory - making it look cool. You can now wear skinny red jeans, as a boy, and your girls can be stylish in relatively form fitting clothing. They make a family that lives this way, look happy as a clam, hiding the hearts of the young people who have tasted freedom and want it.

As those of us who have broken free know, that freedom is not allowed and will get yourself ostracized, many times, even cut off from all family and friends. This can be a death sentence, being that the martyr complex causes these families, that are as different from modern society as the Amish, except with electricity, to retreat from society and become a community amongst themselves. Once you break a rule in this community, you're out.

And now you have no one to lean on.

We must keep winning in the theater of ideas. And we also must pay attention to the young people breaking out.


I. C.