On Religion

I grew up in a hyper-fundamentalist, patriarchal, son of a single abusive mother, sibling to three brothers and three sisters, exclusionary, paranoiac environment.  Over the years, my views on religion in general, and Christianity specifically, have changed dramatically.  My wife and I are on an exciting journey with our six kids. 

The following posts detail a bit of our exploration and enlightenment.


Oops.  The Phelps and all of Westboro Baptist can now be summarily dismissed as hypocritical bimbos.

How to Spiritually Abuse Your Children in Three Steps

This is a guide to follow when trying to spot spiritual abuse against children.  Become an advocate or a rescuer.

Fred Phelps' Grandchildren - My Heart is Heavy

I write this with a heavy heart.  I want his grandchildren to break free of this spiritual abuse.

Is a Doubting Thomas Really All That Bad?

Don't worry about it when people say you're going to hell unless you blindly believe.  It doesn't match up with what Jesus said in the book of John.  He's okay with your doubts and will come and show you that he exists.  Or will he?

A guest post by a friend, Christen Lofland about how rejection of a god is true freedom for "why."

My thoughts on why humanity cannot be duped into thinking that we are more special than those who came before Jesus.  And when was the "before"?

Someone Else Noticed that Slavery is Problematic for the Bible

Steve Wells posted about Dan Savage which reminded me of a piece I wrote on slavery.  Some other thoughts, as well.

2 Timothy 3:16 is not referring to "The Holy Bible"

The Bible contradicts itself many times.  This cannot be a holy word of an all knowing god.

God Burns My Kids to Show Himself?

I received a letter that apologized for my daughter getting burned by coffee and then turned it around as a salvation message.  This was my response.

If You Don't Believe in the Bible or God, Shut Up About It

My answer to those that try and silence anyone that reasons about God, religion, and the Bible.

Christians Should Love and Accept Homosexuals

I try and bring a view from the Bible as to why a Christian should not be militantly against homosexuality.  My real reason for accepting homosexuals as normal humans beings is much simpler.  But this post is for the Christian that needs to base his life on the pages of Scripture.

The Agnostic and the Pastor

I went out to dinner with the pastor of the church I grew up in.  This is the story of what happened.

Your Sins Are Forgiven, Now Take Your Clothes Off

A humor-laden, different take, on the story of Adam and Eve, in light of popular mainstream Christian theology.

Should a Wife Submit to Her Husband

Succinct and yet, hands down, the most popular post on my blog, yet.

The Formula Problem: Why Duggarizing Your Marriage is Not Recommended

One of the most cross-posted posts on the interwebs.  I look into the idea that following a specific formula in marriage will bring happiness - every time.  In short, I reject it.

My Kind Of Righteousness

I used to accept the story of ole' Abe in the Bible as factual and saw Abe's faith in obeying God by killing Isaac.  Looking at the story practically and reasonably now, I just don't see it.  In fact, I see ole' Abe as a dotting fool.

When Good Men Are Bad

I knew a man once.  He seemed to be good.  Now I know better.  He is not. The individual who holds the legal cards will not yet let me name him.  But the day is coming when I will.  And, for many, it will be shocking.

Tim Dunkin's Hephzibah House Faux Pas

This is a response to a gentleman who wrote a winding "article" about how everyone who is claiming abuse at Hephzibah House (HH) is a liar.  I was incensed enough to respond.  You will also see Lucinda Pennington defend HH in the comments.  She is a rabid defender of the leaders of this cult and abusive home.

My Problem With God

I list three reasons why I have a problem with the god I grew up believing in.  Some of these thoughts were integral in moving me into agnosticism.

Satan and the Problem of Deceit

My answer to those that say my bolting from and questioning of Christianity is simply Satan deceiving me.

I am No Longer A Christian

Essentially, I argue that I do not need to hold a creed or a set of creeds so that others can validate that I fit into their "Christian" camp.  Excerpt: "If being a Christian means that I am required to believe in the complete 'inerrantness' and infallibility of the "Word of God", i.e., the Bible, I am lost."

By the Way, I'm Not Gay

Excerpt:  "Frankly, if anyone was deserving of hell, it would be me. The argument of “It's not the static sin, it's the LIVING in sin that is at issue so you're ok, but a gay person is not,” falls flat because, after all, who is living in sin more than me? Maybe not the swearing part, but most definitely HOW I swear and who I project the words toward."

Should I Obey My Pastor?

This piece was written as a response to a meeting I had with a good friend about his abusive pastors.  Excerpt: "A pastor is unnecessary.  Not wrong, just unnecessary."

Dougy Boy Phillips' Misreading of D-Day

Doug Phillips and many other patriarchal leaders have an obsession with those they see as great men of courage and faith.  Vision Forum ran a series on D-Day in an attempt to portray the victory as an act of God.  I filet one of his arguments here.

Authorized KJV Only Through the Eyes of Kellogg's Corn Flakes

A short post detailing a few thoughts on the  KJV Only argument with a creative twist.

My Open Response to Spencer

I wrote this in response to a young man that tried to stick to his bullet-less guns of patriarchal arguments on another blog, linked in the post.  Excerpt:  "Your conclusion here is one of the sickest, most twisted misrepresentations of the words of Jesus Christ I have ever heard or read."

"pastor" Tim Henderson's Lie

What happens when a "pastor" becomes too powerful, mixed with a drug called "Full of Himself"?

Parents Spying on Their Adult(ish) Children

Just some thoughts on the subject.

Father's Day, Undeserved

My religious past prepared me to be a prick.  This post details this.

I Am on a Need to Know Basis

I have a habit of classifying people by their religious affiliations.  This is typical of the fire and brimstone sermons coming from many pulpits.  My thoughts within on a new and better habit.

John Piper Wants to Go to Prison: An Argument for Hitting a Child

I get pretty white-hot angry in this piece.  John Piper has some stupid arguments for hitting and beating a child.  I rip them apart here.

Answer to My Critics: My Childhood Opened My Eyes

Why I write about the dark side of religion.

A Working Woman is the Downfall of Society

A response to a blog post by the Ladies Against Free-Thinking.

Men Suck: Sin Entered the World Because Adam Didn't Give a Flip

A response to the oft repeated idea that women are weaker and more deceived than men because they ate the forbidden fruit first - or something like that.  The whole argument doesn't stand a chance any way you slice it.

Scratching Each Other's Backs is NOT Conclusive Evidence

A response to another post by the LAF-ter Ladies which references a "Declaration" put forth by the hyper-conservative institution called The World Congress of Families, trying to portray themselves as mainstream, objective, reasoned, thinkers.  The full declaration is linked to, as well.

A Response to Doug Phillips "Christian" Response to Earth Day

I teamed up with a PhD student who is studying history for this collaboration.  In this piece, I am the "Christian" and she is the atheist.  Since this was written, I have entered the realm of agnosticism and line up more with Libby Anne's evidence based belief system.

A Great Letter to Dougy Boy

One of the best responses I have ever seen to the pathetic filth that is seeping from Vision Forum.  Be ready to stand up and cheer when finished.

What Books Are You Reading?

I asked this question prior to leaving Christianity for good.  Some of the answers in the comments were the reason I am now a professing undefined agnostic.