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The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Six - The Queen's Hand Left Un-Kissed

We left off in Act Five with Mark accusing Zach of not being “spirit led,” whatever that means.  To Mark and Annah Reid of Freedom Christian Center in Ramsey, Minnesota, the definition is simple – Zach is not exercising his god-given responsibility to obey them without question.

Moving on….


Annah: It's not being Spirit led, nor is it being submissive…

To Annah, those are one and the same.  Spirit led is being submissive to those who rule over you.  It has nothing to do with going the direction you and the Holy Spirit work out together.

One of my favorite quotes from the writer of the blog, Commandments of Men, is the following:

“A heart in which the Spirit of God has taken up residence is a beautiful thing to follow - and is never to be feared.”

That sums up, quite succinctly, the main idea that peeps like Mark and Annah Reid miss.

Zach: It's an attitude, it's not a bad attitude.

Annah: Huh?

Zach: It's not a bad attitude. It's an attitude though.  Everybody takes on an attitude. I'm saying, it's not a bad attitude because of my motive. My motive is not to come against you guys in every way. And that's what it seems like, that you guys are looking at my life and saying, "If you're not doing what we're telling you to do, then you're coming against us."


Annah: No, not "you guys". I think that, Zach, you've got an attitude. I think you've got to recognize it. I think you've got to recognize it so you say, "You know what, I may not be doing it intentionally, but I really want to work on it." ….
Here we go again.  Zach makes a statement about his innards and Annah slaps it right back in his face telling him who he REALLY is, not to mention, informs him of the exact way he should respond to Our Holy Lady of Ramsey, Annah Reid.

…You know what I mean? Because there is an issue with you. And even in this meeting here, it's like, "No. Can't meet. Got friends." …
(Zach: Annah is referring to a text conversation between Mark and I in which I explained that I had already made plans with friends on the day Mark and Annah wanted to meet with us.)

Let me translate for Zach:  He has a life.  Mark and Annah expect him to drop everything at a moment’s notice whenever they want him to.  Don’t worry...keep reading.  It gets better – MUCH better.

…And Mark said, "No, I want to meet." That's not submission, Zach. It's not like we should call you up and say, "You have to submit to us." We didn't even say that.

Huh!?  Did you catch that?  Annah says, “That’s not submission…”  She was referring to the fact that Zach should have done whatever Mark told him to do over the phone, i.e. meet with them.  Then she says, “…we didn’t even say [submit to us].”

Again.  Huh!!!?  Annah needs to change her outlook on personal relationships here.  These are three adults trying to mesh their schedules to find an opportune time to meet.  This happens all the time in the real world – something these idiots are not familiar with (you’ll see more in the future).  But, this conundrum is unacceptable to Holy Annah.  Zach needs to forget about his life.  It’s pointless, aside from her and her god club.

Mark: When it came down to it, and I said, "You're not ministering until we meet.", you made accommodations…

Yeah.  Mark, get a grip here.  You end up threatening the only outlet for Zach and his musical abilities (at the time), of course he’ll make accommodations.  Moron.

Mark would never make it in the mob.
(Zach: I felt I was being treated unfairly in that Mark and Annah weren't allowing me to be on the team on the coming Sunday for reasons that they refused to explain outside of this face-to-face meeting that I was thus pressured into, by default.)
…And just this whole trying to get together has been a huge fiasco, and we can't lead with joy as Hebrews 13 says. I just felt like this whole back-and-forth with the meeting is like the tail wagging the dog - that things need to be on your terms. And that's not going to happen anymore.

Mark just tipped his hand.  He’s the dog, Zach is the tail.

Let me translate for Mark:  “There is no way in hell you are ever going to decide for me and Annah what or when we are going to do something.  Never.  And if it happens again, why you yellow bellied (insert unspeakable epithets here with gritted teeth).”

I addressed the gross misrepresentation of Hebrews 13 – a favorite passage of control-freak “pastors” in a previous post, Should I Obey My Pastor.

WARNING!!!!!  You ARE about to bust a gut.  Yee hooo!!!!

Annah: Mhmm. And, see, you have to make a decision. YOU have to make a decision. One, I'm NEVER going to be in a restaurant where you do not come over and acknowledge us as pastors. EVER. Okay, you're not doing that.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where on earth did THAT come from?  That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.  Here, Mark is talking about scheduling a meeting and how Zach is an ass for not doing what he and Annah want, and Annah brings THIS UP?  What the …!!???

What does Annah want?  When Zach sees her and Mark in public, is he supposed to come over, get on one knee, bow his head, slobber on her hand, and humbly yell his allegiance?  Aren’t we all equals in Christ?  Sorry, but, if Annah Reid hadn’t lost me yet, she lost me now.  SHE IS A CONTROL FREAK.

Zach: What are you talking about?

Zach.  You’re an idiot.  Don’t you realize that the freaking world revolves around Annah?  How DARE you not perpetually keep your eyes peeled for this most holy of holy couples?  Do better next time!

Annah: This is going to be a culture of honor….


…When you walk by and you walk out of a restaurant, I expect you, when we're with leaders or other people, this is just, like – and if you don't understand it, that's no condemnation, maybe you don't know the courtesy of being kind to your pastors – but when you're walking up and you're the leaders of the church, you usually should walk by and go, "Hey! 'Bye, you guys! See ya later! Love you!" But when you walk out like this (demonstrates walking quickly past, looking straight ahead), what does that say to other people?

Annah.  If other people give a rat’s rear end what that means, then they are simply psycho-sociopathic control freaks like you.  This is C.R.A.P!  This is social engineering of the proper “biblical” (phlegm spit!) way to treat your “pastors”.  It’s asinine.  It reeks of a cult.

Saying “hello” and “I love you”?  What???!!!!  So funny.  That’s the proper courtesy for your pastors.  I’d love to know how many times these two idiots ever gave the same courtesy to one of their squishlings.  I can pretty well guess that it has been NEVER!

Mark needs to read his namesake book in his Bible.  Mark 9:35 says:

And Jesus sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, "If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all."

Very simple, but the concept is lost on these types.  They only see all verses and passages like this as being meant for others.  After all, they have mastered the whole servant crap, so their immune to ridicule and accountability.  But, let’s move on, this is so crazy funny.

Zach: I looked at you guys…

Annah: Looked! Zach! I'm just trying to teach you, and I'm giving you a physical, literal illustration. I don't want it! You are going to honor us, or you're not…

Zach: You're assuming what I was thinking, and you're trying to base it on a cultural norm…

Bummer.  It’s great to see that Zach got to cut in.  But, I was kinda lookin’ forward to seeing the threat that was about to come out of Annah’s vile mouth.

Also, Zach should be used to this by now.  Annah said Zach didn’t listen to the Joseph CD when he told her numerous times that he had.  Among other things, this couple has inserted thoughts into this one-sided conversation that they assume Zach is or was thinking and then just go ahead and accuse him of it.

Annah: No! Uh uh! No! It's not a "think". It's not a "think", Zach, that's how you treat us. And that's not happening anymore. You're going to treat us with respect. We're your pastors. If you don't want to, *pfft*, don't. You don't have to. You can walk by me in any restaurant.

I’m confused…  Annah just disagreed with herself.

Zach: What does that mean that you're my pastor?

Annah: We are your pastors.

Yeah.  Duh!  Zach.  You blockhead!  Don’t you get it?

Zach: What does that mean?

Annah: We're your leaders. What does that mean, Zach? (in a surprised manner) Really? You don't get that? I mean, I don't want to stand ahead of you (said to Mark as she sits back down upon realizing her position ahead of him)…

That was funny.  Mark is the lap dog in this relationship and she inserts that baloney sausage?  Nice.

Zach: No, I'm wondering what you think that means.

Wow.  Impressive segue Zach.

Annah: Well, what I believe a culture of honor is, is that you treat your leaders with respect. And you're HONORED by them, like, "Oh, my gosh! We are honored that we get to lead at FCC!". Not, "We have to...", or, "They're blessed that they get us..." (they, being those who they lead). The attitude is like, "Oh! FCC, the people in there, like we LOVE them! We CARE about them. We're HONORED to be here." That's the attitude I'm talking about. And when you pastor, that's the attitude you have to have. And I, literally, do you want to know, Martha and Clay (two elders of FCC) both looked at us and went, "What's wrong with them?" (referring to the "ignoring" of them in the restaurant that we both happened to be eating at) I have to answer to that? Really?

LIE!  Straw man!  How stupid do they think Zach is?  Also, Annah was supposed to shut-up and let Mark talk.  She said so.

Zach: I have to answer to that.

Annah: No! We do! We have to answer to it.

Mark: They asked us.

Yeah.  Whatever Mark.  Grow a pair and admit it when your wife lies.

Zach: Isn't that the protocol where you come to the person who it has directly affected first?
(Zach: I am referring to an earlier pep-talk from Mark about the Matthew 18 protocol for who to go to when a brother sins against you, which Mark says calls for a person to go to the brother himself at first)
Annah: No. They asked us, "What's wrong with Zach?"

Sure they did.

Zach: Well, they shouldn't be asking you that.

Annah: Oh YEAH, they shouldn't! (mockingly)

Remember.  It’s perfectly fine for Annah and Mark to mock Zach but not the other way around.
Zach: They should come to me…

Annah: When somebody walks like this, Zach, (demonstrating again) past you, and we're with our friends, that are the leaders in the church (meaning Martha and Clay), and they're going, "What's wrong with them?" They're just asking.

Isn’t Zach considered a leader in the church to Mark and Annah Reid?  After all, he headlines their god show every Sunday.
Zach: Well, they could assume, but they still don't know unless they talk to us.

Annah: Well, no, what it's called is disrespect. That's what I'm calling it.

Hilarious.  Annah just said that nobody needs to inquire of Zach, his motive, when the question is about how Zach treats Mark and Annah.  She knows the answer already – Zach was being disrespectful.  Duh!  Remember, she can read minds.

Zach: It's not disrespect – I don't know what scenario you're talking about, because I did not disrespect anybody.

Annah: You don't think that's disrespect

Zach: Well, I didn't DO that!

Annah: Yeah, you did.

Yep.  Annah has a pattern of calling people liars and telling them who they really are.  Maybe…just maybe, if she’d take people at their word, she wouldn’t have to worry about disrespect so much.  The problem here is, Annah is extremely insecure and knows that the stupid authority of a pastor “theology” is so loosely based on nothing but dust in the air that she has to force the issue. 

Why is it that the people who claim to be so holy, get ulcers and lose sleep over how others treat them.  Didn’t Christ say we would be persecuted?  Why give a flying bleep what others think about you – unless, as in this case, it undermines your control.

Zach: I looked at them, and I was concerned with my daughter at the time.

Annah: Okay, but Zach, you didn't even acknowledge us.

You read that right, but it shouldn’t be a shock.  Annah thinks that Zach is saying he only looked at the other two people that were with them at the restaurant.  That is unacceptable to her.  For all she cares, Zach should have ignored those lowly idiots and only focused his love-sick eyes on her beautiful and radiant face.  Puke!

Zach: I DID!

Annah: No. You didn't do it. Uh uh.

Okay children.  Enough now.  I’m really only referring to Annah here.  Why?  Because Zach is defending his motive.  Annah is disagreeing with Zach’s defense about his thoughts and purposes for a certain happening.  It’s a losing battle for her and she knows it.

But, Annah is so paranoid about her ebbing control that she needs to assume the worst in every situation and kill all dissent immediately.  It’s sick, really.

Zach: I said, "'Bye" to you guys. I waved.

Annah: Nah uh!

Zach: Yes, I did. I said, "'Bye" and waved, and when Martha was at a distance, I waved at Martha.
Annah: Uh uh!

Zach: And then when Mark walked past going to the bathroom, he looked at me like he was going to come by and then he put his hand up like he wasn't going to look at me…

Mark: I was joking with them…

Poor Mark.

Zach: Yeah, I understand that, that's why…

Annah: But Zach, for me, I'm going to ask you to step it up, because I don't think that that is - I am the pastor. I am not having our leaders treat me like that. I'm not! And I'm serious, like, I felt like you were very rude at the restaurant. Rude! Like, you didn't acknowledge us, you did it another Sunday when we had Clay and all his kids, and I know you were fooling around, but it was still disrespect. I'm not – we're the pastors, you guys. You set that up, other people act like that towards us. You set that with your friend, that's how she treats us. "You're just, you know, whatever..." No!

Poor, poor, poor Annah.  She won’t let it go.  It’s sad really.  Mark can make a joke but Zach can’t.  Again, we ARE really just talking about a bunch of adults here.  But, add this hierarchical bullcrap to the mix and only the ones in charge know how to live their lives.  They get to wield whatever interpretation on another person whenever they get an itch.

But, let’s get back to what Mark did, as he said, a joke.  He pretended to not want to talk to Zach at the restaurant.  Then, Zach must have done it before.  But, only Zach’s action will have lasting effects on others while Mark’s won’t make others treat Zach that way. 

But, we know the true idea here.  If Mark’s action causes others to ignore Zach, it’s not a problem.  Anyone but the position of “pastor” is a worthless, mindless, machine – to be used for whatever the “pastors” want it to be used for.  This is, unquestionably, the M.O. of Mark and Annah Reid.


And that’s where we’ll leave off in Act Six.   It got a bit tedious, I know, with Annah and Mark harping on all the crap about the restaurant.  But I am convinced that this part of the conversation gives a solid glimpse into the permeating “theology” of these two bullies.

In Act Seven, Zach turns the tables a bit and begins to get some answers from the two psychopaths.  We’ll see if they are forthright in their answers or if they continue to retreat behind the cover of “WE’RE YOUR PASTORS, GOSH DURN IT!!!!”

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The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Five - Annah Reveals She is God

Start from Act One
Incongruous Circumspection was threatened by Mark and Annah's Henchman! 
Aww...the Henchman Apologizes...Sort of 
Mark Reid Tries to Preach Out of a Jam

In Act Four, we saw the Queen of Hearts thunder, “Off with his head!!!”  Well…essentially, Annah Reid did just that when she twisted the story of Joseph to make it seem that he was only blessed by God because he blindly followed the authority of the dude who could lop his head off like a grass snips to a brussels sprout.  Of course, she was referring to Zach needing to obey her.

Problem is, the story had nothing to do with that.  You can see what I mean by reading Act Three and Four.  But, let’s move on.  We’re about to find out that Annah Reid from Freedom Christian Center really sees herself as god (yeah…small ‘g’) with Mark Reid acquiescing.

I don’t interject as often as I have in the previous Acts (I think) because the conversation is too good and pretty self-explanatory.


Zach: I was reading other things in the Scriptures and…

Zach gets a word in!  Oh wait…valiant effort, but….no…

Annah: No! Zach, this is the point:…

A great sign of a cult or a controlling group is when they do not let outside influences that disagree with THEIR way enter, in any manner, their system.  I’m being a tad generous by using the term “outside influences.”  As you can see, we’re really talking about the Bible here.  Zach was trying to say that he was reading something in the Scriptures and Annah immediately saw a threat.  Sad.

 …I asked you to listen to that for the purpose of the ministering to you…

What a crock of crap!  Let me translate:  “Don’t read the Bible idiot!  Especially not when I give you something that MINISTERS to you!  You should ONLY utilize MY inputs.  Anything or anyone else must not come between you and me.”  “Ministering”, in this case is a sinister buzz word.  Meaningless.

…You're not listening. That's rebellion. It's like [you're saying], "I'm doing this. I do that.  No, you're not telling me what to do. You're not going to tell me to pray…

(Zach: Annah says this in reference to a previous discussion on praying in tongues in which she wanted me to pray in tongues whenever she asks me to, even if I don’t feel that it is the right thing to do, at the time.

For example, Annah believes praying in tongues, or in the Spirit, needs to be something that is practiced all the time. She says that it will clear up confusion in your mind and reveal to you the secrets of God's will. She goes further to say that refusing to do so is considered blaspheming the Holy Spirit - This being directed at me when I simply choose to pray silently in a group when we're all told to pray in the Spirit.)
…you're not going to tell me to do this..." And, Zach, that's not discipleship.

What a softball.  According to Annah, Zach desiring to search the Scriptures to validate what he is being told is “not listening” and therefore “rebellion.”  What the…!???  Then she hits him with the “that’s not discipleship” bit.  Anyway…let’s let Annah dig a bigger hole- after Zach tries to say something.
Zach: No, I was just doing what God was leading me to do…
Annah: No! Not God! We're your leaders. God uses leaders to correct you. Do you know that? This whole thing about, "God tells me...", - and I'm sorry, I don't mean to get an attitude – I ran with people that have said, "God this, God that", and they're so rebellious against authority, they don't listen to anybody's voice outside of "God, God, God".  They're independent. God uses authority.

Yep.  She said that.  She really did!  God uses authority, not himself.  The Holy Spirit is pointless.  You can’t commune with Him and move forward in the Christian life on your own.  You need authority.

Has anyone ever asked the proponents of this cultic “theology” what happens when a person is between churches?  What to do then?  You don’t have a pastor to be under authority then, right?  Oh well.  It’s easy to shoot common sense holes in this crap when you just think a teensy weensy bit.

Finally, I’m still laughing like crazy here.  “…they don’t listen to anybody’s voice outside of God, God, God.”  Yeah….hilarious.

Zach: That's not my goal in saying that…

I’m intrigued Zach.  Can you expound?


Guess not.  Bummer.

…Okay, but God uses authority, Zach. I asked you. This is the point: honoring your authorities – your authority, Annah Reid, asked you to listen to that CD. I said that if you can't listen to all of them (the CD set of 4), listen to that one.
Zach: I listened to the first one.
(Zach: I am attempting, at this point to get to the bottom of why Annah was so insistent for the past week or so on me listening to the Joseph CD’s, knowing of Annah's pupose of getting us to submit, since Annah has been preaching of Joseph to the congregation for a while now in order to teach submission)
Annah: (Ignoring me.) It's that simple, Zach.
Zach: I listened to the first one.

Annah: No! But you didn't listen to any of them. It's that simple, Zach. [You say], "I'm reading my book. I'm not going to listen to the CD you asked me to listen to, Annah." That's not good leadership. That's not good submission, Zach.

Huh!?  Zach stated TWICE that he listened to the first CD.  And Annah said he didn’t.  It may appear that she is calling him a liar, saying that she doesn’t believe Zach even listened to the CD at all.  But I don’t think that is what she is getting at.  There must be something in those CD’s that, if swallowed whole, would make anyone completely subservient to her.  The fact that Zach is attempting to validate the content or even her words outside of the CD content is enough to convince her that Zach didn’t really listen to the CD’s at all. 

In other words, if Zach HAD listened to the CD’s, this meeting would be about Zach coming and asking how he needs to align himself with Mark and Annah Reid’s vision.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And what is that baloney sausage about swapping the words “leadership” and “submission”?  Not only is it confusing, but it is quite disingenuous.  Annah seems to think that everyone who is a leader must be submissive to another leader, in order to be a leader – except Annah Reid and possibly Mark, though I doubt that at this point.  Mark probably is perfectly happy being submissive to her.

Zach: When it comes time, I will listen to it.

Annah: No! That's not what we're saying. Do you understand what you're saying right now, Zach?

Zach: I know I'm saying, "No." But that's not a rebellious spirit.

That statement is a very hard one for psycho-sociopaths like Annah to understand.  Saying “No” is just fine in every other area of society, but not under these types.  They see only one thing – rebellion.  I wonder what family life was like for their kids.  Youch!

Annah: Well, it is.

Zach: No, it's not.

Annah: It's saying, "When I decide, I'll do it."

That’s okay, Annah.  Really.  It IS!  After all, you’re both adults here.  You have two feet that can take you where YOU want to go.  Nobody needs to tell you what to do.

My father-in-law gave me a CD on some dude who had a vision that he went to hell.  I had absolutely no interest in listening to it, so I didn’t.  Same idea.  Two adults, both exercising choices they have every ability to exercise.

Jump off a bridge anyone?

Zach: No, it's because you gave me the CD's at a certain time in my life where I was doing something else…

Quite a valid point, if you ask me.  Any reasonable person would understand.

Annah: No. But we're asking you as leaders to listen to it today. It would be like this, Zach: you're the worship leader and you hand me a CD of five songs you want me to listen to for Sunday. And I go, "I'll listen to it when I can. I'll decide when I'll listen to it."

Again, Annah.  That’s okay!!!!  But, it’s a bad analogy, and you know it.  According to you, Zach is NOT your authority and thus you don’t have to do what he asks you to do.

What a pathetic way to live the Christian life.  Only “doing” when told to “do” rather than just DOING!!!!!  And then the flip-side – refusing to “do” when the bloke telling you to “do” is beneath you in rank.  What a waste.

Mark: “I'm listening to other music right now because God told me…”

Disingenuous.  Inflammatory.  Red Herring. Nice try Mark.  Good to see you still have a voice.
Annah: “...and I'll decide when God tells me to listen to that CD.” That's rebellion.

How about we skip all the “God told me” crap and just listen to the bloody CD on our own terms.  Yeah.  I said it.  What on earth gives these creeps the right to require ANYTHING of ANYONE!!!  There IS NO LAW!  Biblical or otherwise.  It’s stupidity at its finest.  These two are sick.  Disturbed.

Mark: We can't work with that.

Not when you’re a psycho-sociopath that thinks they’re in charge of everyone that walks through your stupid god club doors.  Both these people are idiots.  This is unhealthy for every person who is “learning” under them.  They need to go pound sand and suck their thumbs, yelling into their Bible-print pillows.

Annah: No. It's rebellion. And you cannot say it's not rebellion, Zach, it is. It's not submission. It's not like, "What do you want me to learn. What do you want me to do Annah and Mark." It [should be] literally the attitude of saying, "I'm humbling myself. I'm going to be a submitting, good disciple." And that's what God wants. It is, Zach.
Zach: I think that's nitpicking.
Annah: Huh?

Zach: I think that's nitpicking (Zach demonstrates the action of nitpicking to clear up any confusion from difficulty in hearing the pronunciation of the word itself).

Not sure what the “action of nitpicking” is that Zach is referring to, but, knowing my bro, it was probably hilarious.

Annah: No it isn't. It isn't. And that's mocking (repeating the action Zach did for nitpicking.)

You’ll see, over and over again, that, throughout this meeting, Zach is never allowed to “mock” but it is perfectly fine for Mark and Annah Reid to do it.  And, what’s worse, they hold the true definition of “mocking.”

Zach: No. I'm saying this is what's in my heart right now, that's what this (the nitpicking action) is referring to.

Mark: Okay, I think Annah had a really good illustration. If you told the team – these are the people you have authority over (Mark points to an imaginary group of people), and who you are leading. If you gave them a set list, and you gave them a new song, and you said, "I want you to listen to this, because this is what we're on this week." - and the reason that Annah gave you the Joseph [CD's] is because this is the impasse that we're at in your leadership. - and you told the team, "I've got this song. I want you to listen to it this week, because we're going to do it this Sunday." And you had one of your team members say, "Well, I'm listening to other stuff right now." And it wasn't a priority. But they came, and they still wanted to minister on your team, but they weren't taking the equipment or the direction that you were giving them as a leader, what would you say to that team member?

Um.  Kick them off the team?  After all, Mark, it’s a freaking TEAM!  So, if one idiot doesn’t want to do his job, he doesn’t have to be on the team!  That’s it buddy.  Zach doesn’t need to have a freaking hours long meeting, trying to tell the moron to submit to his authority, which wouldn’t be the point anyway.  The fact is, if the guy doesn’t want to do his part, he can’t be involved.

That goes for your sorry god show too.  If you feel a person isn’t doing his part to put on a show for the congregants, then you can fire him or her.  That’s your prerogative.  It has nothing to do with authority, submission, rebellion or whatever.  People are fired every day for worse things.  I mean, you’re talking about ZACH NOT SMILING HERE!!!!!


Also, did you notice the word swap there?  “Leadership.”  They keep doing that and it’s getting a bit irritating.  They’re working this psychological side of slipping in a feel good term to Zach’s brain so he feels that somehow, somewhere, he’s at the same “leadership” level as they are.  But, they get to decide when he loses that or when he is good enough to have earned it.  What they really mean is “underling.”

Zach: I'd say, "You know, it's probably better that you listen it. But next time this happens, so that we can actually be together, like on the musical aspect of it..."

Annah: …

Shut up, Annah!  The guy didn’t get to finish his point!  But, you saw it was going to end bad for your purposes, didn’t you.  You saw that maybe, just maybe, Zach might have had better ideas for leading a team than you.  You beat the authority bullcrap over everyone’s head whereas others, like Zach, are more reasonable, i.e., realistic.

…And do you think, Zach, that if you said the key was supposed to be "D major" and they didn't care what you thought, that they were going to play it in "G major" during the worship time, that they'd be rebellious? And then they said, "Well, next time I'll do it, maybe. Maybe, I'll do it."

What a stupid analogy.  Just dumb.  Proves nothing. 

No, Annah, any music director would stop the music and boot the idiot off the stage or go beat the living crap out of him with a mic stand.  What do you expect Zach to say?

Zach: If they know what they're doing then that'd be something that we'd have to deal with.

Ouch!  That should smart a bit.

Annah: But didn't you know that I'd asked you to listen to [the Joseph CD's]?...

Bloody hell!!!  When are we going to stop harping on those stupid CD’s!  This woman needs to get checked out for OCD.  She needs drugs – massive doses.  Horse pills.

… I asked you, like, three times – no, two times….

Go ahead and exaggerate, Annah.  Nobody’s counting.

…I said, "Listen to these CD's. And if you can't listen to them, just listen to the third CD." You knew what I asked, so it's not that you didn't know, it's just that you're not doing. And you have an attitude, Zach. I don't think you see it, but you do have an attitude…

Another red flag for cults and guilt-trippin’ groups.  They get to define a good attitude.  And they also get to read your mind and tell you when you have a bad attitude, even if you vehemently disagree or provide a five-thousand page dissenting affidavit.

 …It's like, "I'll do it when God tells me, nobody is going to tell me to "pray in the Spirit" …

(Zach: Another reference to the praying in tongues audibly that she believes should be practiced as often as possible, if not always in order to teach ourselves what God's will is, and be more in tune with His will.)

This isn’t the time or the place to discuss tongues.  But, I will say, read 1 Corinthians 14 and any other reference to speaking in tongues and then try and make the argument about knowing God’s will better by them.

News flash:  God’s will is what you make of it.  Learn, grow, go out, and DO!  That’s God’s will.  Stop sitting around and wondering what His will is.  You’re wasting your life.

…no one is going to tell me to listen to a CD. I'll do it when God tells me." That's an attitude.

Now, whether or not that is an attitude, Zach never said that.  Annah is putting words in Zach’s mouth to prove that he is “rebellious.”  The problem for her is that the facts don’t add up.  Her conclusions are based on her assumptions about Zach and nothing else.  Zach’s words tell a much different story.

Mark: That's not being Spirit led.

Mark.  WHAT are you talking about?  What isn’t being Spirit led?  What the heck is being Spirit led anyway?  A stupid buzz word in my opinion.  But, since its part of your ever-self-aggrandizing dogma, I’ll address it.

“Spirit led” to Mark and Annah Reid is doing exactly what they say, without question AND with a  smile, plastered on the face.  It has NOTHING to do with God.  How do we know this?  Zach attempted to talk about how he was seeking God’s direction that may have been outside of what these two idiots wanted – and Mark and Annah Reid, “pastors” of Freedom Christian Center in Ramsey, Minnesota, would have none of it.


This is sort of an odd place to end the Act, but it is getting a bit long.  In Act Six, we will explore the insecurities of Mark and Annah Reid when they are in public and come across those that they deem to be under them.  It will get your blood boiling.  I guarantee it.