Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mark Reid Denies the Facts and Makes a Joke of It

Mark Reid's "sermon" on August 7th, 2011 (interestingly, this is the same day that I received the "cease and desist" email) was titled "Rejection and the Praise of Man."

This roped me in due to recent events.  I knew without a doubt that he was speaking of me.  And of course, I wasn't surprised when he tossed away the truth and made a mockery of his own words and actions.

You can find the full "sermon" (thankfully, only about 28 minutes long) here.  Drink a glass of water first.  Mark's dry mouth will have you needing one.  And please....please laugh at his jokes.  They are good, at times, and nobody laughs in his congregation.

Throughout the "sermon", he never mentions names but he is speaking of straw men here and there.  He specifically mentions my blog without naming the blog or his source (I will refer to that below).  And, when he is obviously talking about Zach, he wraps up Zach's issues as one that has been offended.

Offended?  Maybe he was, but rightly so.  Mark and Annah Reid willingly participated in name calling, character assassination, bullying, lying, propping themselves up as akin to Jesus Christ, and speaking as if they were God's intermediaries.  But to declare him as offended is to cheapen the search for truth that Zach has embarked on, the first step being to toss away the ball and chain of Mark and Annah Reid.

Mark puts a graphic up on the screen that quotes John 5:41.  In that verse, Jesus says "I receive not honor from men."

Mark stays on that point and suffers a while, trying to portray the importance of not being honored by men.  He casts himself and other Christians as "like Christ", saying that if they are doing what God wants them to do, man's honor is unnecessary.  But this is not how Mark and Annah Reid really roll in their "ministry".  When they confronted Zach about how he treated them at the restaurant they repeated over and over again that Zach was not entering into a "culture of honor".  Honor is a big deal to these two.  They see a demon behind every bush when even a little baby looks askance at them while sitting in church, sucking their little thumb.  I haven't counted yet, but this whole "culture of honor" business comes up a lot in the Rogue "pastoral" Team Series.  Essentially, Mark is being two-faced here.  He and Annah REQUIRE honor and yet act like they are like Christ, who rejects it.

If you are keeping time while watching the "sermon," at 16:53, Mark mentions that "someone said last week (not true...I wrote it months ago, but his audience doesn't need to know the truth) that I was a cult leader."  He turns around and puts on a pair of sunglasses.  Nary a chuckle.  He says, "Is that doing it for ya?"

Then, at 18:15, he says that someone (again, me) said that he was a king and Annah was the queen.  He puts on a crown and attempts to solicit a giggle.  Nothing.

Then, he sums it all up at 18:32 by saying "Do you think that everyone is going to love you if you're doing what God is telling you to do?"

Really, Mark?  If you read the whole series that has been posted thus far, you will also ask that question with more incredulity than someone who just heard that the Minnesota Twins can muster a World Series caliber team.  It just isn't true. 

If God is telling Mark Reid to do what he did to Zach over the four years and preach the kind of authority doctrine drivel that he and Annah do, I want no part of that God.  And I expect most of my readers would agree.

Then Mark goes on a tangent about how someone who takes up a secondary offense for someone who has been offended is the lowest of lows.  He tells that secondary offense taker upper person guy to go shove it and REALLY get offended and THEN come back and deal with the offense.  Yeah, real theology here.  Mark can't handle the fact that someone in his congregation disagreed with him and followed it up with gaining a bigger voice than Mark has about himself.

I am not singing my praises here by any means.  I am merely enjoying the position I have found myself in, by exposing the horrible and incorrect authority doctrine.  I desire to expose those who use it to squish the lives of others and hurt those poor souls in the process.

Mark sums up his "sermon" with an all-too-telling phrase - 26:35: "We need to get over a little rejection."

So, his congregation is now thinking that Mark is like Christ and is the hapless victim of individual dissenters.  People who aren't or cannot be part of the Christian faith.  Someone who has "taken up an offense" against him.

I just hope that one congregant present that morning actually does their research.  They would be surprised to know the real truth.  Unfortunately, for Mark and Annah Reid, my Google Analytics have shown a spike in those who have reached this blog by doing a Google search for the words "Mark and Annah Reid" since that Sunday "sermon."

The truth will set you free.


  1. Reminds me of one of the sophists in C. S. Lewis's Pilgrim's Regress: "All great artists are persecuted, and I'm persecuted, so I must be a great artist!"

  2. It all sounds like Mark has "taken up offense" of his own. To center a whole sermon around that and making himself out to be a victim and a martyr is asshattery of the highest kind. maybe he can put hat on his ass in his next sermon and that might get a laugh out of his congregants, but I doubt it. They don't seem to get his sense of martyrdom masked as dry humor.