Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leaving for Oklahoma

I will be away from Incongruous Circumspection for about a week.  My family is heading down for a much needed vacation to Oklahoma.  We will be driving through the night tonight and stopping in St. Louis to visit some new friends.

Then, we'll head down to Oklahoma to bed down at Kristine's relatives only to wake up on Saturday and head down to another new friends' cabin for some awesome fellowship (I hear).  Afterward, we head back to the relatives for a few days.

Then, we head over to West-ish Oklahoma to visit some dear friends of this blog et al.

We're leaving temps in the mid seventies and going to temps in the 100's to 110's.  Youch!  I know...crazy.

I will try to watch I.C. and answer any questions or pour some love on those who need it.  If not, you know I'll be having the time of my life with my smokin' hot bride and getting to know my kids again.

To R & R.


  1. Yeah, you heard I was coming to your neck of the woods didn't ya? ;D

  2. It's like positive and negative detraction.

  3. All humor aside, you know I love your guts. Your a very necessary cog in the wheel of my life.

  4. Hope you have a great time. Okies used to be very friendly and really enjoy hanging out and having fun. I'm guessing that's still true~ SS

  5. How crazy is that?
    I'm heading for Western Nebraska/Colorado to visit my 90+odd years grandma in assisted living.
    I'm not leaving until Tuesday though. And we will be going through Missouri too. But not St. Louis. Rather Hannibal.
    Guess we'll be making a distorted and staggered X formation with our routes.
    Have and awesome time. The Plain states are God's country as far as I'm concerned.

  6. Mostly, SS. Thanks Mara. It is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. haha, my guts feel quite loved indeed. I hope you guys have an absolute blast! :D