I used to be a super-conservative.  Everything James Dobson believed, I believed.  I still like balanced budgets, freedom, and lots of money, but I am all over the map with everything else.  I'm 100% anti-abortion (I'll never get one), 100% pro-government subsidized birth control, pro-physician assisted suicide, "I don't care" about stem cell research, pro-political parades, anti-progressive and regressive taxation, anti-public union, pro-private union, pro-skills training/.education based welfare, pro-legalization of drugs, and I hope to NEVER run for political office.  I will support my wife if she runs, though.

Also, the "pro" and "anti" prefixes does not mean that there are only two sides to each argument.  Politics is so nuanced that it simply cannot fit into a red vs. blue dichotomy.  I can change and have.  I love debate. 

The following posts detail my changing views:

The Morbid License Question
The Morbid License Question - Part 2

What goes through my head when asked to check that ominous box.

Foreign Entanglements - Why Still?

My evolving view on America's foreign wars. 

Excerpt:  "What if the people of the Middle East don’t want democracy?  What if they are just fine with nomadic, tribal, loosely knit family government systems?  Why do we not look back at the myriad examples of history and see that empire building begets only one result – destruction of said empire?"

Incomplete Political Rubrics

What I think when I hear them said.

Qualifying My Reserved Excitement For US Action In Libya

"Reserved" is a key word here.  I still stand behind the premise of this piece, but not necessarily the location anymore, due to current events.  Maybe I still do.  We'll see.

Best Joke of the Day

Remember to watch what you say to an officer of the law.

The Penn State Fiasco: My View

My response to the weird vibe I get when reading and studying up on Jerry Sandusky and everyone at Penn State.