Thursday, May 9, 2013

MN House Passes Gay Marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Passage in the Senate is a formality and Governor Dayton will sign this bill!

Thank you to all the people in the State that believed in my call (not that you listened to me, specifically) to jump on the General Election failure of the constitutional ban on gay marriage in Minnesota and fight for actual legalization of gay marriage.

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Even favorite Republican legislator, Jennifer Loon of Eden Prairie ALSO voted yes!!!!

Edit:  My House Rep voted yes, as well!  He was one of the 4 Republicans who defected.  Thank you Pat Garofalo!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Religion Is a Set Up for Ignorance

Read this...

In that article, Steve Wells points out the reasons for killing prophets in the Bible.  While the article is hilariously revealing, Wells' point wasn't what stood out to me.

Rather, it was the idea that GOD ACTUALLY EXPECTED SIGNS TO COME TRUE from prophets of what that god considered as false gods.  How is that possible!?  Are the gods really all that false?  Was the Bible god aware that he was part of a pantheon of choices and was simply narcissistic and jealous?

Before you bother answering those questions, consider this:

Religion is, many times, the antithesis of logic and reason.  Thus, if certain things (like being gay, evidence for evolution, physics that disagree with the Bible, etc, etc) are considered "against the Bible god's devine truth and order," the Bible god dictates that we ignore it, cover our ears, and yell, "GOD IS HOLY, ABOVE ALL THINGS!" - and then kill the messenger of real truth.

Sickening, really.

Let us progress...please.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Best Principal in the Universe

Principal Bob Sampson of Bellingham Christian School wins the first ever I. C. Best Principal Ever Award.


Read this...

Kids Are Smarter Than You Think

One of my favorite people on social media had this story to tell about her son, Jay.  It warmed my heart to read it.

Jay asked me to ride his tricycle with him (WITH him, not to be confused with pushing him from behind I learned). So I tried. I can't really describe my positioning, but I was sorta kinda "on" the very tiny bike with him.  
Anyway, there was a small tin in the way (like a Christmas cookie tin), so somehow I managed to stretch out and push it out of our way with my foot. Next thing I know I hear Jay affirming me, saying, "Good thinking! Good thinking!"  
So sweet! I can't believe how aware he is of the world around him, and the fact that he noticed me pushing something out of our way, and that it was indeed "good thinking," and that he knows this phrase?!  
Then later I took the two boys to the playground. I had peeled and sliced up some carrot sticks and put them in a Ziploc bag (found out today they love carrot sticks!). Jay was carrying the bag around and chowing down. I had noticed he was running low on carrots but was still surprised (and a bit distraught) when I saw that he was no longer carrying the bag.  
It's kind of a big playground and I really didn't feel like searching for litter. So I asked him, "Jay, where is the plastic bag?" really not expecting a lot of help. With his mouth full of carrots he garbled, "Garbage." "In the garbage?" "Garbage." I went and checked the nearest garbage can- which I didn't even know he could reach- and sure enough, there was the plastic bag sitting on top! WOW!! Who taught that kid not to litter??

And this is why I love being a dad.  My six kids never cease to surprise and amaze me.  And to see another mom enjoying the discoveries of little children just as much makes my world just a bit brighter. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bryan Fischer: "Heterosexuality is a Choice"

Yes.  I know he said homosexuality was a choice, but his argument logically leads to my conclusion that he should also believe that heterosexuality is a choice.  After all, if a homosexual's selective process for picking sexual partners proves that homosexuality is a choice, then the same for heterosexuality.

Okay, okay.  I might be wrong.  When I met Kristine, she forced me to marry her.  It's been a miserable 11.5 years.  Pretty sure all other heterosexuals are forced into their marriages by no fault of their own selective process.  We're all mindless robots, grabbing the first sexual partner that comes across our unassuming nakedness and is thus compelled to sleep with us.

Ah, the world through Fischer's eyes.

And, for the record, I am the happiest man in the world, with my wife.  Just to be sure you didn't catch the dry sarcasm.

Watch Fischer blow hot air....

Edit, 5/1/2013 10:30 AM CST:

To me, whether or not homosexuality is a choice is as important as whether my fellow employees in my office like potato chips rather than Doritos.  Who gives a sh*t!  You are who you are, regardless of how you got there.  The argument that we MUST find a gay gene to silence the opposition is simpleton foolishness.  That side cares nothing about science anyway and actually thinks the game is rigged.  Worse, they will simply attribute it to "the fall of man" or "the curse of Eve" (remember, it's Eve's fault we are in this sinful mess, in the first place... if only Adam had kept that damn woman in line...geez!!!).

Enough already.  So you're gay.  Nice.  Oh!  Lesbian!?  Sweet!  Well.... I love chocolate cake, despise chocolate ice cream, and my genetic make-up requires me to drink coffee.  It's all a bunch of head fakey bullshit.