Friday, May 3, 2013

Kids Are Smarter Than You Think

One of my favorite people on social media had this story to tell about her son, Jay.  It warmed my heart to read it.

Jay asked me to ride his tricycle with him (WITH him, not to be confused with pushing him from behind I learned). So I tried. I can't really describe my positioning, but I was sorta kinda "on" the very tiny bike with him.  
Anyway, there was a small tin in the way (like a Christmas cookie tin), so somehow I managed to stretch out and push it out of our way with my foot. Next thing I know I hear Jay affirming me, saying, "Good thinking! Good thinking!"  
So sweet! I can't believe how aware he is of the world around him, and the fact that he noticed me pushing something out of our way, and that it was indeed "good thinking," and that he knows this phrase?!  
Then later I took the two boys to the playground. I had peeled and sliced up some carrot sticks and put them in a Ziploc bag (found out today they love carrot sticks!). Jay was carrying the bag around and chowing down. I had noticed he was running low on carrots but was still surprised (and a bit distraught) when I saw that he was no longer carrying the bag.  
It's kind of a big playground and I really didn't feel like searching for litter. So I asked him, "Jay, where is the plastic bag?" really not expecting a lot of help. With his mouth full of carrots he garbled, "Garbage." "In the garbage?" "Garbage." I went and checked the nearest garbage can- which I didn't even know he could reach- and sure enough, there was the plastic bag sitting on top! WOW!! Who taught that kid not to litter??

And this is why I love being a dad.  My six kids never cease to surprise and amaze me.  And to see another mom enjoying the discoveries of little children just as much makes my world just a bit brighter. 

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  1. Adalai or Addie is very good about picking up the garbage on the floor. Sometimes too good. We have leaves that come in the living room and she loves to pick them up. We have to be careful in public because she will start picking up garbage or aything else on the ground no matter what it is. At the park one day she started picking up trash without noicing what it was. Fun times as a parent.