Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bryan Fischer: "Heterosexuality is a Choice"

Yes.  I know he said homosexuality was a choice, but his argument logically leads to my conclusion that he should also believe that heterosexuality is a choice.  After all, if a homosexual's selective process for picking sexual partners proves that homosexuality is a choice, then the same for heterosexuality.

Okay, okay.  I might be wrong.  When I met Kristine, she forced me to marry her.  It's been a miserable 11.5 years.  Pretty sure all other heterosexuals are forced into their marriages by no fault of their own selective process.  We're all mindless robots, grabbing the first sexual partner that comes across our unassuming nakedness and is thus compelled to sleep with us.

Ah, the world through Fischer's eyes.

And, for the record, I am the happiest man in the world, with my wife.  Just to be sure you didn't catch the dry sarcasm.

Watch Fischer blow hot air....

Edit, 5/1/2013 10:30 AM CST:

To me, whether or not homosexuality is a choice is as important as whether my fellow employees in my office like potato chips rather than Doritos.  Who gives a sh*t!  You are who you are, regardless of how you got there.  The argument that we MUST find a gay gene to silence the opposition is simpleton foolishness.  That side cares nothing about science anyway and actually thinks the game is rigged.  Worse, they will simply attribute it to "the fall of man" or "the curse of Eve" (remember, it's Eve's fault we are in this sinful mess, in the first place... if only Adam had kept that damn woman in line...geez!!!).

Enough already.  So you're gay.  Nice.  Oh!  Lesbian!?  Sweet!  Well.... I love chocolate cake, despise chocolate ice cream, and my genetic make-up requires me to drink coffee.  It's all a bunch of head fakey bullshit.

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  1. Not to defend Fischer at all, but his erroneous assumption that homosexuality is a choice does come from some type of logic, even if it is incorrect logic. He assumes that all humans are born ingrained to be heterosexual (thus that part is not a choice) but that you can choose to IGNORE that and instead feed attractions to other people...people that you would not naturally be attracted to if you had let nature take its course.

    Doesn't make him any more right, of course. But I believe you have to fully understand a mindset to fight against it, and his mindset, as I understand it, is not that people are born neutral with the ability to choose, but that they are born hetero with the ability to actively go against that natural inclination.

    Sigh. Either way it doesn't make sense, because why would so many people choose to fight that hard against a natural inclination when they're being punished for going "the other way" by people like him?