Monday, May 6, 2013

Religion Is a Set Up for Ignorance

Read this...

In that article, Steve Wells points out the reasons for killing prophets in the Bible.  While the article is hilariously revealing, Wells' point wasn't what stood out to me.

Rather, it was the idea that GOD ACTUALLY EXPECTED SIGNS TO COME TRUE from prophets of what that god considered as false gods.  How is that possible!?  Are the gods really all that false?  Was the Bible god aware that he was part of a pantheon of choices and was simply narcissistic and jealous?

Before you bother answering those questions, consider this:

Religion is, many times, the antithesis of logic and reason.  Thus, if certain things (like being gay, evidence for evolution, physics that disagree with the Bible, etc, etc) are considered "against the Bible god's devine truth and order," the Bible god dictates that we ignore it, cover our ears, and yell, "GOD IS HOLY, ABOVE ALL THINGS!" - and then kill the messenger of real truth.

Sickening, really.

Let us progress...please.

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