Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reason for my Absence: My Health

If any of you have been following this flu season, you'll have seen reports of higher than average infection rates. Not just flu, but viral infections through the roof.

Just before Christmas, my neck began to swell on the left side. A little swelling here and there. It would increase and then decrease, but never went away.

Christmas came and I took two weeks off from work. For one of our Christmas trees, we bought a fir from Home Depot, which seemed to exacerbate my neck swelling. The swelling increased to it's largest size yet. I attributed it to allergies.  As the tree died in the house, my neck swelling reduced until it was gone completely.

Then I went back to work. A few days later, the swelling came back. Except now, it was on both sides and up the back of my neck. I also began to have issues breathing here and there, but could always cough to breathe better. It seemed that every time I closed my office door, the swelling would become unbearable.

I gave up and went to the doctor, petrified, anxious, ready to diagnose myself with chronic disease - just like WebMD told me I had. Don't ever look at WebMD. EVER!

My blood count came back normal, but the doc said I had elevated bacteria and prescribed Amoxicillin, Zyrtek, and a Ventolin inhaler. I took four more days off of work. Not improving, I went back for a second opinion. This doctor told me that I had a viral something or other and no bacterial infection. Also, she said I had no allergies.

For nearly twenty minutes, she reassured me that it was a bad viral season and my body was fighting off infection after infection, as was clear by my swelling lymph nodes.

I had more blood tests as my nodes bounced around, generally in the smaller category. Kristine got sick and went in. Her doctor spent an hour telling her the same thing. 

My anxiety is now almost to zero. My swelling lymph nodes come and go. Fatigue is still present here and there. But I'm pushing the fluids and waiting for the day when my body finally fights off the last of these viruses. Also, my company switched my office.

Really, I'd just like a new neck...or summer.

Love you all,

I. C.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Today, I am here to make your day all warm and fuzzy

Do you live in a house? Do you pay for heat? Is it cold where you are? Are you worried about your heat bill?

Well... just be happy yours isn't as much as mine.


I. C.

PS: Now taking donations. ;)

It's COLD HERE!!!!

Yes. Cold. But you've heard it all over the news, so I won't bore you with too many details.

We woke up this morning with a 26 degree below zero temperature and 56 degrees below zero windchill. Here in Minnesota, we're excited to climb to minus 18 by 3PM!

Thank goodness for our garage. It's amazing what a simple stud wall can do to keep out the elements. Both vehicles fired up easily.

Don't worry for us, though. In a few days, it's going to feel like Summer around here with highs in the mid twenties. We may even see 30 degrees ABOVE zero on Sunday!


I. C.