Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Eleven - Loss of Individuality in Christ

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In Act Ten, we saw Annah Reid tell Zach that, since he wasn't going to do what she wanted him to do, maybe he shouldn't be going to the church anymore.  Let's listen in as Zach attempts to ask some pointed questions and Annah tells Zach that she is his intermediary.


Zach: ...Christ in me is my hope of glory. I don't need somebody telling me, "No! You don't have Christ in you. Not in this way..."

Annah: Nobody said that you didn't have Christ in you, Zach...

Zach: Well, apparently one of His qualities is humility and submission, and I don't have that in me...
Nice one, Zach.

Annah: Okay Zach, guess what?! You've got Christ in you, but you're not perfect. And you're going to be brought from glory to glory. But if you resist God's discipline in the same way of challenging you to GROW UP, you've still got God in you, but you'll still be rebellious or immature. Okay? So, I've got friends that are 40 to 50 years old, still saying that they're going to hear from God some day, because they've never submitted under any leadership in the church.

Huh?  If Annah had her way, this world would be full of a bunch of zombie robots, standing stock still, waiting for their orders.

Zach: Well, I'm not trying to hear from God, I'm just living my life; God has put me on this earth to LIVE.

Unfortunately, Annah translates that idea differently than Zach.  When she hears that a person desires to live, she hears, "live for Annah Reid."

Annah: Yes, He has, but He has also given you authority to go through. People can minister to you to grow up.

Huh?  Where is that doctrine found?  Answer:  Nowhere.  And "authority to go through" and "people to minister to you" are two very different things.

Zach: So, you get to tell me how mature I am.

Annah: Ummm... I think you're immature right now in the attitude of submission. I do.

Annah Reid is telling a 25 year old that he is immature because he doesn't unquestioningly do exactly as he is told when another adult tells him they are getting another person's directions directly from God.  Yeah.

Zach: Okay, well that's your opinion.

Mark: Yes, it's my opinion...

Who asked Mark?  I forgot he was in the room.

Zach: ...based on some assumptions, but I guess some fact of body language, and non-exuberance...

Boo yah!

Annah: No, not at all, assuming is the lowest form of knowledge. I'm not assuming; I'm HEARING.

Okay.  Now THAT is hilarious.  She redefines the word "assuming" so Annah Reid can use it whenever she wants.  Now, the next time someone says, "Annah, you're assuming", she can say, "Yep!  And assuming is alright and dandy because, after all, it IS the lowest form of knowledge!"

Zach: You've got to start with an assumption though, and then you work it out to find the truth.

Annah: Well not really. No! I don't assume. I didn't assume. It's an observation. It's reality.

Give it up, Zach.  Annah Reid knows you better than you do.  Heck, maybe even better than God.

Zach: Well, you assumed about that thing in the restaurant.

Annah: But, do you know what, Zach? That's disrespect. It's – it's – it's disrespect, okay? It doesn't mean if you understood it or not, now you understand, that would be disrespectful, to walk by your pastors and not say, "Hi!... Goodbye!"
Crap!  We're back to this!????  What a narcissist.

Zach: Well, you're setting up all these rules that we have to be held accountable to...

Annah: Yeah, you're going to! And if you're not willing to be teachable, you're right, Zach, you are hitting it on the hammer (Zach: I'll assume she meant 'hitting the nail on the head')

Yep.  Narcissist.

Zach: It's just being petty and breaking up the love.

Annah: No! That is not breaking up the love.

Because she says so.
Mark: You're breaking up the love, Zach.

Now THAT is funny.  Zach is the one being dragged through the mud here for trying to be an individual human being.  And, because he is refusing to do (kindly, I might add) exactly as asked, HE is the one breaking up the love.  Whatever.

Zach: Be respectful of everybody. Don't seal your lips: say "Hi!" all the time...

Boo ya!
Annah: No! That's not it. It's like being respectful. Just being respectful to your pastors. Say, "OH MY GOSH!..." Here, Zach. I'll show you humility. Here's the difference between pride and humility: "Oh. You know what, I never even thought of that, Annah and Mark. I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you? Like, I will work on that!" That's humility. Okay?

Mwahahahhahahahha!!!!  Annah, that's not humility, that teenage foolishness.  LOL!

Zach: But, we know each other...

Annah: No! I just said, "That's humility."

Zach: ...too well to be, like, pretentious like that.

Annah: No! That's humility. I'm talking about being teachable. You're not being teachable, Zach.


Ok.  Gut buster coming up!!!!  Also, some serious eye opening statements.

Mark: Maybe you are too familiar with us and you don't respect us anymore.

Annah: Yeah!

Zach: Well, why can't it be that way? We're brothers and sisters. Why does it always have to be, "You look up to me.", or, "You look down to me." Yata, yata...

Boo ya!
Annah: Zach, you're not going to be equal to us.

Yep...she said it!

Zach: I'm not going for equality. We're all equal in the Kingdom. My faith in Christ is the only acceptance to the fellowship of the body of Christ. It doesn't have to be a whole bunch of rules that are lesser truths that we don't have to agree on all the time. We can agree to disagree, until we see eye to eye. But we can  compromise.

I'd continue to push their buttons and go for equality.  Zach's too nice, though.

Annah: Yes, but do you know what? We're just fighting with you, Zach. Would you stop fighting.

Yeah Zach...make it easier on them to control you.

Zach: Why stop fighting? A wounded soul can't fight anymore.

Annah: We're going in circles...

Mark: We're not going to fight...

Annah: We're not fighting with you; I'm now fighting with you. But you can't come in here and say, "...I want to learn. I might be really excellent at music, but you know what? I'm laying all that aside. I'm just going to learn to, you know, go with what they want, and not have to have my way." You're going to learn it sooner or later...

Is that a threat?  Translation:  Everyone who comes into Mark and Annah Reid's ministry loses their individuality and becomes part of their slave trade.

Zach: It's not my way. I was okay with my relationship with Jesus until all of a sudden you guys are talking about, "You're not submitting." Therefore, that puts something in between me and God.

Annah: I hope it does...


Aaaaaaand there you have it.  Annah Reid WANTS to insert herself between Zach and God.  Her religion calls for it.

Stay tuned for Act Twelve for more weirdness where Annah tries to explain her theology even further and digs a deeper hole.


  1. Yup these two are idiots and believe me there are lots of them out there. Like your writing very much. Glad your brother is away from their clutches. The sort of personality-disordered leadership these two provide is sadly not uncommon, in groups that are theologically liberal as well as groups that are theologically conserving.

  2. Absolutely none of this is shocking to me. Been through it too many times. Mark and Annah are just more upfront about their obsession with authority/control than most churches. Every church I've been in since coming out of a similar situation (I still remember like yesterday the instant I realized they had no control over me) discounts when we start warning them of issues saying we're just wounded... we leave and hear the church has split anywhere from later that day to a couple months later. NO church is immune from this. I am no longer a Christian so that way I don't have to hear any more of that Matt 18 bile. I can just walk away and not give a shit. I'd rather take my chances dealing with hell later than deal with the hell that Christianity is here and now.

  3. I have stopped going to church altogether, myself. I sleep better at night and actually have more real friends.

  4. Oops, I skipped church today too. I like taking communion, and worshiping the Lord together, but the minute I am expected to go to church, I am putting down the coffee and picking up the TV remote to watch reruns of The Soup. :p

  5. It's truly impressive that she actually came out and said that. All spiritual abusers want to put something between you and God; fewer of them are willing to admit it so clearly! At least she knows where she's standing.

    Woe to the stumbling blocks.