Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Twelve - All Truth Only Applies to Others

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Incongruous Circumspection was threatened by Mark and Annah's Henchman! 
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Mark Reid Tries to Preach Out of a Jam 

In Act Eleven, we watched as Annah pretty much summed the meeting up by telling Zach, in no uncertain terms, that Mark and Annah Reid, as "pastors", were to be between Zach and Jesus Christ.

Let's keep listening in as the discussion drags on. 


Zach: I'm all of a sudden not submitting to somebody that's telling me to submit for whatever reason

Annah: Zach, I hope it is – I hope it is putting you between your Father and Jesus and saying, "What is it in me..." like Satan, he was so rebellious, he couldn't honor the Father and Jesus, but he was an excellent worship leader. But what was it in him that got him kicked out of the kingdom? Not that you're going to get kicked out of the kingdom. It was his pride, Zach. He's not humble. That's the spirit of the antichrist. Opposite – it says, "Humble yourself in the sight of God, and I'll exalt you in due season." But if you rear your head up and say, "I don't have to work on submission." ZACH! You're deceiving yourself. We all have to grow up. ALL of us have to grow. EVERY PERSON IN THIS CHURCH has to be challenged to grow up.

Mark: You're turning it into a bunch of rules.

Zach: I am?

Annah: Yeah, you are. You ARE!

Zach: Because that's how it's being represented.

Annah: That's your mindset.

Mark: You've got a legalistic mindset.

Zach: What?!

Annah: Uh huh.

Zach: I have a legalistic mindset because I'm saying no to something I don't agree with?

Annah: Yeah! You do. You have, like, - because, if I was talking to somebody else, Zach, okay? Just, say, somebody that I work with, okay, and they go, "Gah, you know, we're just called to submit and honor you guys. It doesn't matter, we don't need our lives." It's kind of like Shelly (Mark & Annah's oldest daughter)
and Brenda (Shelly's co-manager) owning a shop, and the little girls in there (referring to the underling employees) thinking they should run the shop instead of Shelly and Brenda. And they're just fighting against everything they say. Because, "Nobody's going to tell me what to do.", "I'm going to go to God, and I'm not going to listen...." and I think it's time for you to listen, Zach. I think it's time for you to say, "You know what Annah and Mark, I don't know everything. And I've got Christ in me, but I'm at your feet to learn. TEACH ME." But you're not willing, Zach. 'Cause you've got the hand up (gestures), and you go, "Well then, now you're saying I don't have Christ in me." Who said THAT? WHO said that, Zach? Nobody said you didn't have Christ in you! We're saying you need to learn. You need to humble yourself and get at the feet of Christ and learn through us what you aren't going to learn by being stubborn. BY BEING STUBBORN. Yeah!

Mark: You'd agree that it says, "The greatest of all is the servant of all." Right? Is that what the Scripture says? "The greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all."

Zach: Jesus said that about himself to the disciples.

Mark: Yep, and so being the servant of all can enable you to be the greatest in the Kingdom. So being a servant, which means you're going to be submissive to somebody, or some program or plan, actually promotes you in the Kingdom. And it's totally compatible with being saved. So this has nothing to do with being saved or having Christ in you; it has everything to do with a servant attitude and a humble attitude. Which I don't think you have right now. I think you're questioning everything about us, whether you trust us, whether you want to submit or not...

Annah: And that's part of wounding and hurt and rejection and (Zach: referring to our past conversation about my childhood, which somehow is the reason for my attitude here), that's all those walls...

Mark: We recognize that...

Annah: We recognize that. We're not ignorant to how the enemy has operated. And what you need to know, is, yes, you have Christ in you. Yes, we believe that you are called to lead worship, but we've also thought that there's a lot of broken [ . . . ] in you. And I think that Mark's right, you have a legalistic mindset. 'Cause you put us in that box of rules and regulations. That's not what we're saying. We're not even that – and I remember one pastor saying to me – that critical spirit, and I got so offended. I'm like, "Who does she think she is that she can tell me that I have a critical spirit?" Really, I rebelled against it. As a matter of fact, their going to be speaking in our church in two weeks. As a matter of fact, they couldn't minister to me at all, Zach, because I knew more than they did.

Zach: Mhmm

Annah: Uh huh. At 26 years old, or 29. And I remember the Lord saying, "You know what Annah? I didn't ask you if they were perfect. I told you to submit under their authority. THAT is what God said He said, "You get back and you submit back under their authority." 'Cause I was rebellious. And stiffnecked. Stubborn. And thought I knew everything. Mindset!

Zach: I'm sorry that had to happen to you at that point in your life.

Annah: Yeah! And do you know what, Zach? It doesn't have to happen to us. We can humble ourselves and say, "You know what? What do you think I need to learn, Annah and Mark?" Not, "Now I don't have Christ in me. Now you're setting a bunch of rules and regulations down on me." That's not what we're saying at all.
We're just saying that GOD wants to work in you, Zach, humility. So, therefore, He's going to help you learn submission in the house of God (referring to FCC), just like Jesus did. I think He was 30 when He went into ministry. Did he live under His mom and dad until He was 30? UH HUH! Did He honor authority? YEAAH! He was even teaching in the church and He...

Zach: That wasn't about that.

Annah: ...He, wait, a minute, He was even GOD. And He knew more than they did (meaning His mom
and dad), and they said, "You come. And you come home with us." And He stayed with His parents
and learned. And He submitted under their authority. Oh, yes He did! Oh yes! Jesus stayed with His
parents until He was 30. He didn't sit there and say, "I'm not going to...

Zach: So I'm a spiritual child that must submit to my spiritual father and mother (pointing to Mark and Annah).

Annah: Yes! YEAH! You need to grow up!

Zach: My spiritual Father is God himself.

Annah: No! Your spiritual...

Zach: ...I'm submitting to Him and His Word and what He's told me in my life.

Mark: Okay, Zach, Zach...

Annah: Zach, that's religion! Okay? Do you know that that's a stronghold!


Had enough?  It keeps going.  We'll pick it up again in Act Thirteen.  Seriously, how twisted can your religion be if you say trusting in God for those who are under you rather than listening to YOU is a stronghold!!!???

Annah is a piece of work.  Mark, I think, got a few words in here, but its becoming more apparent who is REALLY in charge of this cult.

And, by the way, Mark mocked this blog in one of his sermons by putting a crown on his head and sunglasses on his face and asking the congregation if they thought he looked like a king or a cult leader.

They didn't get the joke.


  1. Oh goodness. Annah really is a piece of work. What a nut job!

  2. I might as well finally give a tad bit o' my own commentary at this point in the ordeal.

    This happens to be the nitty gritty of the content of the 'authority doctrine'. The simple math in these "pastors'" minds is that of the evolution from a level-headed believer into a radical believer. The belief being propagated is not readily apparent in the conversation up to this point, as it is so far mostly a hashing out of the formula by which successful indoctrination can be achieved. For whose benefit? I think that's the most obvious answer. What's not so obvious is exactly what is the belief that's expected of a Mark-Annah clone. I'd like to make light of the hidden agenda in following through with their 'authority doctrine', and that is Dominion/Kingdom Now Theology.

    This was self-evident from the teachings and incantations of all the 'prophets', 'healers', and especially the 'apostles' who were itinerantly teaching in that church. Freedom Christian Center was, at that time, considered to be God's center of focus for the city of Ramsey. The very story of how Mark and Annah actually obtained the building in which their church now takes place, is quite telling of their agenda. In fact, their son's in-laws are now their own worst enemies, as they had initially attempted to obtain a contract to make the building into a fitness club. But, with the bullying and threats from Mark and Annah, they were obliged to leave well enough alone, and what's more, Mark and Annah summarily excommunicated them from their new church.

    It's a complicated, twisted church history, belonging to an even more twisted "Rogue 'Pastoral' Team"!