Monday, November 14, 2011

The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Thirteen - Zach Pulls a Fast One

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In Act Twelve, Annah let Zach know that trusting in God or listening to God was a stronghold.  Essentially, full and unquestioned obedience to every whim of your "pastor" is pure religion to these clowns.  As we have come to expect, Mark Reid attempted a few words but his presence was summarily dismissed as unnecessary.

Let's listen in as the discussion goes further downhill, as if that is even possible.

Zach: This is religion (meaning Freedom Christian Center)

Annah: No it isn't!

Zach: Religion is what – the visible manifestation of the body of Christ.

Annah: No, this is not religion. This is your freedom, Zach.

Only in cults like this does bondage and being completely controlled equate to "freedom".  Most outsiders would look at this and raise an eyebrow and call a news agency to get a screen writer on the case.  Not the sheep that belong to Mark and Annah Reid and those like them - they eat this stuff up and actually believe it.
Zach: That's just religion, that word's not bad.

Annah: This is your freedom!

Tell a lie enough times and people will just start regurgitating it as truth without thinking.

Zach: Religion is what we DO. A relationship is what we HAVE.

Annah: Zach, this is what God says, “You are placed here to learn submission.” That's the key. That's your key.

Where, Annah?  The God of the Bible says nothing of the sort.  Nowhere.  In fact, that God is VERY jealous.  He wants ZACH all to Himself, and not Zach fixated on Mark and Annah Reid.  That is clear throughout the Scriptures.
Zach: That's what you're saying...

Annah: Yep.

Zach: That's not what God's saying...

Annah: No, not what I'm saying, what I know!

Whew!  Good catch Annah!  Without that clarification, Zach might have thought you were creating your own religion.  Oh wait....nevermind.
Mark: Zach, you can leave here and maybe get a big job as a worship leader somewhere...

Annah: Yeah...

How's that?  When Zach disagrees with Mark and Annah Reid that God does not call men and women to submit to any old peeps but rather...well...he never got to say the "but rather"...they decide he cannot be controlled and can easily be dismissed.  A sure sign of serious control issues.
Zach: I don't want to be a worship leader (Zach: this is where I reveal my decision to stop leading at FCC)...

Mark: But – You don't want to be a worship leader? You're done with it? Now is God telling you that too?

Um, Mark...your stepping in your own hole.  You were about to dismiss Zach and he preempted you by telling you it was his desire anyway.  Now, you can't rain fire and brimstone on his head, thinking you are crushing his dream.  Bummer, dude.
Zach: Two months.

Mark: Huh?

Zach: By the end of June.

Mark: You're going to be done being a worship leader?

Zach: Is that alright?

Mark: Huh?

Mark is completely caught off guard here.  This is one place he has rarely been - the guy NOT in control.

Zach: I want to transition out.

No, Zach!!!!  Don't give them an inch!  They'll capitalize on it.  Oh well...too late.

Mark: That's fine.

Annah: I think you – that's, that's... that's okay.

What???!!!  Annah Reid is stuttering?  Hilarious.  She's caught off guard worse than Mark.  This is killing them!  Don;t worry though, they'll collect themselves and give us more for our viewing pleasure.

Mark: But anywhere you go, if you want to be a worship leader, you're going to have to submit to the authority in the place where God puts you.
What did I just say?  Oh, right.  They would collect themselves.  Am I wrong or am I wrong.

Unfortunately for Mark and Annah Reid, Zach could have chosen to go to many a church and be a worship leader and practically LEAD the church.  But, they have to hold the facade together for a little while longer.  Giving Zach a small taste of freedom may mean they would lose control altogether.

Annah: Mhmm.

Zach: We'll see.

Mark: Huh?

Zach: We'll see.

Annah: Yeah.

Mark: Or what, do you think? What's the difference?

Someone questioned Mark's view of the world and he's not happy.  Maybe he's not buying it.  Maybe he doesn't really know what REAL life is really like on the outside.  What a sad existence.



So Zach decides to leave and Mark and Annah are slightly shocked.  In Act Fourteen, they will quickly rebound, as I said, and begin teaching Zach a thing or two about life.


  1. when is act 14 coming out, I have to know what happens!!!

  2. I'm going to get back to it. I currently have half-a-dozen series going at the same time.

  3. cool, sounds oddly familiar, and I definitely have ALOT in common with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your writings, though I'm still on the fence about some of your beliefs. My upbringing has shaped a lot of who I am and what I believe as well. Thanks for your candid opinions.

  4. Hi. I was hoping you might finish publishing this series... will you? thanks! :)