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The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Fourteen - Zach is Worthless to God

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Yes, it's been a while. The last time I wrote anything in this series was November of 2011, ten months after starting Incongruous Circumspection. 
Now, back to it...

In Act Thirteen, Zach catches Mark and Annah off guard. He told them that he wanted to transition out of the worship leadership role, taking the wind out of their sails. That was their job! Only Mark and Annah Reid could give and take away positions of power in their realm of existence. Zach voluntarily doing so, in the innocence he did it, pissed them off. 

Let's dig back in...


Zach: I just don't think it's fair.

Mark: God always – I'm going to teach you something. Because you're talking about this co-equal eldership thing. That's a lie that the enemy has tried to put in the body of Christ for – Annah don't talk right now, please – that's a lie that the enemy has put in the body of Christ for years. There's been a bunch of churches that have tried it. God always has a leader. Okay. If there was ever a perfect chance for co-equal eldership, it's when God took Moses, He took the 70 out into the wilderness and anointed them, and they all had the exact same anointing as Moses. And it was a perfect opportunity for co-equal eldership. And then what did God do?

Hahahaha!!! "Annah, don't talk right now, please."  That's freaking hilarious. In all the Acts, it's pretty obvious who runs the church - Annah. And Mark knows it. 

But, let's scratch the surface of Mark's words here. He's saying that more than one person can't lead a religion and yet he and Annah are co-equal elders (though he may argue differently, it's obvious, in practice, that he is living the "lie the enemy has tried to put in the body of Christ."
Annah: Mhmm

Hehe... Annah couldn't keep her mouth shut. Just had to get that word in.
Mark: the midst of that He raised up Joshua as the leader. And the people followed Joshua. Okay. He, He raised up the twelve apostles, okay, that led the early church. He always has a leader.

Hahaha! Sorry, I can't stop laughing here. Mark is trying to tell Zach that he can't be a co-equal leader in the church (even though Zach said he wanted to transition out of worship leader anyway) and yet his own Bible story that is supposed to prove his point, fails to do so. The authority doctrine is like any other doctrine in the Bible - propped up by conveniently chosen verses, ignoring blatant contradictions, or outright lying about the contradicting content, even claiming "CONTEXT!" when an argument is lost.
Zach: Mhmm.

Mark: And there's a lie of the enemy that we don't need leaders, we're all equal, I know we're all equal, we're all equally saved. God's favorites are probably not even in leadership positions somewhere. But when you have a functioning body, it's like a family, and the kids need to submit to the parents. And if you think that's unfair, you will wander in the wilderness.

Huh? So, Mark and Annah are Mommy and Daddy, and Zach? Well, he's just a pup, sucking on a pacifier, waiting for orders. But wait! They're all equally saved, so they should be equals, but not really because one person needs to be a leader, but that leader maybe isn't God's favorite, which may mean that God likes Zach better than Mark and Annah, but he can't lead anyway, because he's a kid and needs to submit...or something.
Annah: It's kind of like a pilot. And this is what the Lord showed me, an illustration, Zach. It's like a pilot who co-pilots the pilot that is flying the jet, and the passengers are on the jet, but they want to be the pilots. But they haven't gone through the schooling of the spirit yet. But they want to be the leaders, but God saying, “No! You're not going to be a pilot until you go through the schooling.” If you want to ride your horse and buggy, like the Amish do, you can do that. God will let you do that. It's all up to your choice. Because God doesn't control. This is what I was sharing with this other lady. God doesn't control. He goes, “Oh, why – why...” - Who was it? It was somebody that was going, “If God – if God – if um... - if God's in charge, then why doesn't He...” Oh I know what. I know what he said , he goes, “I left my mom and dad's house 'cause they were so controlling. You know, I've got my independence...” This is the antichrist kid out in the world, and he goes, “You know, God's a liar, my parents are all controlling... my dad wouldn't let me do this – my mom wouldn't let me do this...” Blah, blah, blah, it goes on and on. So he's out in the world right now. He's trying to figure out what life's all about. And He goes, “Well, if God's real, then why doesn't He control my life?” And I'm like, “What do you want? Do you want God to control, or do you NOT want God to control? What do you want?” You know. We have to voluntarily submit to God. NOBODY gets to be a leader without voluntarily submitting and humbling themselves to God. You don't get to do it. And if you don't want to be a leader, God will let you go. There's plenty of worship leaders. He will, Zach. He'll let you be stubborn. And He'll let you go on your own way. He'll let you. You won't even have to sing on the worship team ever again in any of the churches. Go to big churches, find our there's plenty of worship leaders out there that God can use. You're not that important. God loves you. You're important to Him, but you're not the answer for the Kingdom. Okay. So you either submit to Him. You either let Him do the work of the Spirit in you, or you won't be used. Or you could put yourself in a position, and you wouldn't ever be used the way God wanted you to be used. It's your decision

Huh? She be cray cray. And full of shit, i.e., herself.
Zach: I think I'm going out in humility, because I'm seeing a competition that's been rising up that I'm not trying to create, a competition

Annah: What's a competition? 

Zach: A competition of anointings.

Annah: Who's anointings? 

Zach: That I'm more anointed than Jesse (Zach says: my friend who played keyboard and sang with me. Annah had told me time and time again that she wanted me leading, not him, because I had an anointing. I never agreed, and I thought Jesse was a great musician, with nothing to do with “anointing”).

Annah: Yoooouuu're... not more anointed than Jesse

Zach: That's what you said.

In Act Fifteen, we'll discover that anointings are different than gifts and gifts are always there, but anointings are not, so there is a difference in the two, one being better, but which one, we might never know, but maybe we will...or something.

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  1. I am very glad your brother got out of this church.

    "You're not that important. God loves you. You're important to Him, but you're not the answer for the Kingdom"

    Dear Mark and Annah,

    Neither are you.