Thursday, November 14, 2013

Doug Phillips Rumored to Have Had Affair with Underage Girl

As I suspected and said as much on social media, Dougy Boy allegedly had an affair with an underage girl. She was underage when the "relationship" started (possibly within the age of consent in Texas), and now, ten years later, it appears she has blown the whole thing wide open. She was the family's nanny. There are also rumors of other "crimes".

I have corroborated this information with other sources that are "in the know." More will continue to leak out.

From what I hear, once all the information is out, Vision Forum Ministries will have zero credibility in the Christian sphere - ever again. I hope this is true. I hope that this sheds light on the fact that fundamentalist patriarchy breeds dependent women who are far younger in their maturity than their age, ripe for the picking by controlling and evil men - like Dougy Boy Phillips.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so agree with you and do hope that it all comes out as you do. For about 2 minutes after I heard this I felt a little bad for being glad...but quickly realized that I'm not rejoicing in bad...I'm rejoicing in 1 big pile of horseshit level bad to be uncovered, seen for what it is and hopefully squashed so that at least a few more people have a chance to NOT get sucked into this really bad system of life.

    "breeds dependent women" is exactly right! I've been watching VF for years and always felt sad that they are doing such a good job of training women into being exactly this victim...this wife, or even this young lady who was taken advantage of. And has done AN EXCELLENT job of making sure that they buy that it's their faults too.

    If left unchecked; I can see this playing out in their congregation....Doug the heroic one who takes responsibility for his sins, supposedly! While his wife will get to detail what she could have done better to "help" her husband "meet" that challenge successfully. All the while the young lady will just be a Jezebel and no one will even remember that these supposed chivalrous menfolk were supposed to protect her. Grrrrrrr......

    But I do hope it all comes out, is all dissected and other people are protected from this bad doctrine.

    1. Here is a youtube video in which Lourdes Torres, his supposed mistress, is going on and on about what a godly woman Michelle Duggar is. Doug Phillips made this video to "thank" Michelle. If you think that him giving his mistress the final word and lengthy talk time is the most nauseating part (her schpeel starts at 4:48), wait til he ogles Michelle like a pathetic 12 year old perv and grabs her and KISSES her on the cheek as he presents her the Mother of the Year award. Oh wait, Beall hands her the plaque, but Doug does all the talking, and kissing. This is the weirdest affairs in history, he elevates his mistress as a model "stay at home daughter", supposedly staying with her family to be more protected and pure, while he simultaneously kisses another man's wife and praises her for trusting God with her fertility. Doug Phillips is the biggest fake ever. I pray his family and all those he has hurt may lean on Jesus during this time.

  2. I am not sure what Doug Phillips "crimes" are, but surely we don't rejoice in whatever bad decisions he has made. As far as Vision Forum goes, there are many wonderful people that are associated with it and that have benefited from their ministries.

    If you have been wronged personally by Doug Phillips or by someone at Vision Forum I understand, but we are called to love and not hate, bless and not curse, forgive and not take revenge. For by the same measure that we judge, we also will be judged. What is the greater sin in God's eyes, adultery or not loving others as we love our selves?

    We all have broken God's laws and deserve eternal punishment and separation from Him. Praise God that he sacrificed His only begotten son so that who shall call on his name (and repent of sin and take Him as their lord and savior) shall be saved!

    I will continue to pray for Doug and his family, and for all of those who have been negatively impacted by this tragic situation. Blessing and peace to you all.

    1. Well then, since God doesn't exist, we're all off the hook!

    2. People who can't handle the truth being known and defend men like Doug, so quick to throw out the "don't judge". . . are hiding behind something themselves. "We've all broken God's laws. . ." of course we have - but that is no reason to have a problem with those writing about the truth of what has happened. You are sure to judge those who call Doug out, but so slow to judge the situation with Doug as it should be. It is not taking revenge to be relieved that the truth has come out about this man. It is truth that sets us free, and others too.

  3. "For who without sin cast the first stone.* I dont' know all the facts of the store and really don't want or need to know. Doug Phillips will have to be responsible for his own actions, just like you and me. What the world calls adultery and what Jesus call adultery are two completely different things. How come we justify one of them and not the other?

    How many people do you know that can get up in front of people at church and tell them the truth of what they have done. Wither Doug has repented or not, it is not for us to decide.

    I don't agree with all of Doug's theology, but I can say this; not knowing what his future may hold for him and for his family, what he did was right. There are people in the world that do the same thing or even worse and nothing is said about them. Where is the finger pointing in those cases.

    God is Sovereign and only He and Doug knows what happens.

    1. Lovely words from the Bible that have been used for centuries to prop up those that have power and keep those that don't muzzled.

      If God is as sovereign as you say, then he should stop sin before it destroys lives. But, your god is inept and powerless.

  4. I would like to add one more thing to my comments: The title of this article, "Doug Phillips Rumored to Have Had Affair with Underage Girl"

    What about the Scriptures that talk about gossip or hear say? Is sin, sin? What make one sin different from another sin?


  5. So is a previous Anonymous correct in stating that L.Torres is the person involved? I hope she is now far far away from VF and all associated organizations?