Friday, November 15, 2013

Doug Phillips: A Clarification Filled with WTF's!

Doug Phillips writes:
I would like to express my gratitude for the great kindness so many have shown to my family in the wake of my stepping down as president of Vision Forum Ministries. My family has been greatly encouraged by many loving notes we have received. With that in mind, I want to be so very clear about the rightness of this transition, and I want to clear up some matters which have been brought to my attention. My sin has resulted in great pain within the Body of Christ, some confusion, and has given the enemies of God reason to rejoice. This is heartbreaking to me. Some have suggested that my sin was not sufficiently serious to step down. Let me be clear: it absolutely does merit my resignation. My resignation is sincere and necessary given the weightiness of my sin. Some reading the words of my resignation have questioned if there was an inappropriate physical component with an unmarried woman. There was, and it was intermittent over a period of years. The local church, not the Internet, is the proper forum for overseeing the details of a man’s repentance, but I just want to be clear for the sake of peace within the Body of Christ, that the tragic events we are experiencing, including the closing of Vision Forum Ministries are my fault, and that I am sincere that I should not be in leadership, but must spend this season of my life quietly walking a path of proven repentance. Please pray for the Phillips family, the Board, and the men who have made up the staff of Vision Forum Ministries. 
Doug Phillips
But, Dougy Boy, you said, in your original resignation letter, that you messed around with a woman BUT NOT IN THE BIBLICAL SENSE OF KNOWING!

As one of the blokes, well-versed in King James Version Old English, knows, "knowing" a woman is "having sex" with said woman. So now, you had an inappropriate relationship but never had sex with her but yet here, you say you had inappropriate physical components to the sin?

And we thought Bill Clinton was bad.

Doug, either you got a blowjob, held her hand (cue the old women gasping and waving their church bulletins), or you freaking took her to bed and had your way with her sexually.  Quit messing around and acting pious.

Your doctrine sets women up for this. They are to look at men as their authority. And, sir, you know, as well as I do, that the Bible can be masterfully interpreted to cover your ass in whatever way you desire. Any woman under your authority can be easily manipulated into your clutches. And the rumor is, your relationship began when she was underage.

So, we're expected to play nice and allow your church to force you to repent? What if actual crimes took place? Is that for your church to decide? No, Dougy Boy, we humans have had enough of churches litigating sexual and criminal issues. It didn't work with the Catholic Church, and it hasn't had a great track record with thousands upon thousands of Protestant churches, as well.

My fellow e-brethren and e-sistren will continue to pillory you all over the interwebs. You will have a Google problem because of me. I will make sure of it. You destroyed too many lives to be able to walk away and piously say that God looks the other way, your sins having been covered due to your repentance.

No...your doctrine is sick and needs to die with your resignation. Thank you for being the first cog in the wheel to break. The wagon will soon fall, Dougy Boy. People will rejoice.


  1. My thoughts exactly Joe. From a fellow e-sistren.

  2. Oh, LOL and I LOVE that you're giving him a "Google Problem." Keep up the good work.

  3. Important article re what the Bible says about all this:

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