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The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Fifteen - Anointing Ashmointing

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In Act Fourteen, we learned that Mark and Annah Reid just make crap up to maintain their house of cards world of religious control.In this Act, you'll blow your brains out over the semantical defining of what "anointing" is. Mark also begins a new idea - he and Annah are God's prophets that can give and take away anointings - whatever anointings are.

I've changed the format up a bit to make it a bit more readable and web friendly. I hope you appreciate it.

Annah: ...I think that you have the anointing on you right now. Do you know what an anointing is? It's given to you. Okay. You're not more anointed than Jesse, you're just the leader right  now. You've got the anointing on you for leadership, but that can be taken away, Zach. Okay. It can be.
What Annah really means, being the mouthpiece of God - she can take away Zach's anointing. God, in Annah and Mark's world, is a convenient excuse for whatever they feel needs to be done to control their people.
Mark: Gifts can't be taken away, but anointings come and go
Annah: Yeah, your anointing can. And God's got an anointing on you, and it's not on Jesse right now. Jesse's not our leader.
Wait...I thought an anointing had nothing to do with being a leader. I thought Zach is just simply NOT more anointed than Jesse, but now he is anointed in lieu of Jesse, thus he's the leader.
 Zach: What is an anointing?
LOL, Zach! It appears he's a bit amused at their semantics. Let's perpetuate them.
Annah (disgustedly): What is an anointing?
Mark: But Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me...”
Annah: (muttering whileMark talks): “I told you about Benny Hinn...”
Ooh! Benny Hinn! This has GOT to be good.
Zach: I looked into Benny Hinn, but that's bogus.
Oh shit. Zach poked the bear.
Annah: It's bogus ??!!
Zach: Yeah, it's a bunch of gibberish.
Annah: Alright Mark, this is the problem.
Uh oh. Zach doesn't believe that Benny Hinn is legit. Annah has pinpointed the crux of the matter!
Zach: (quoting Benny Hinn's teaching): “Presence, glory, and power.”
Annah: Yeah
Zach: ...(Still quoting Benny Hinn): “Sometimes we have the power, but not the presence. Sometimes we have the presence, but not the power.” It's just a bunch of semantics to justify something what somebody wants to do.
Annah: No. Not true
Mark: Here's what Jesus said...
Zach: Well then what is it? What is true?
Annah: It's the anointing.
Zach: Well, you're just saying the word, and I'm asking what it means.
Mark: Here's what Jesus said...
Annah: Okay, go ahead Mark.
 Haha! Now Annah allows Mark to speak. Let's see what wisdom he has.
Mark: Jesus said this, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach the good news.” Okay. So that anointing was a manifestation of the Spirit of the Lord upon Him. Now, it doesn't have to do with salvation. But it's a manifestation of the moving of the Spirit on a person to do something. You're anointed to do something. You can be anointed to be king, you can be anointed to be worship leader.
So, God anoints you. What does this have to do with Mark and Annah Reid? 
Annah: David was anointed...
I'm getting bored. We're accomplishing nothing here.
Mark: You can be anointed to be preaching, 'cause Jesus said, “I'm anointed to preach good news and set captives free.” So there is an anointing, Biblically. I don't know what you've been reading, or listening to.
 Zach: No, you're explaining it how you understand it; I explain it how I understand it.
No Zach! You can't say that. These people are pastors and blessed by God. A direct conduit of his holy understanding, directly to them. You're simply the baby bird, there to receive the regurgitations of their infinite and holy wisdom, questioning nothing. Your definition is meaningless.
Mark: I'm just telling you what the Scripture says.
Zach: How you understand it.
Niiiiiice. Way to get in a win, Zach.
Mark: What do you think that means, when Jesus said that?
Zach: I know He's talking about preaching the Gospel, and that's the purpose of the anointing...
Mark: THAT anointing, yeah...
Zach: to get out the Good News...
Annah: Not just that, because He also anointed ...
Zach:, what I'm understanding is that we all have the anointing through faith in Christ
Zach has set a trap. He is pushing an interpretation of "anointing" that defines every single Christian as anointed - not just the special ones that are to lead (under Mark and Annah's watchful control, of course). Let's see if Mark and Annah fall into the trap.
Mark: Right.
Yep! He swallered her right up. Good job, Zach.
Zach: And the Spirit is the anointing that can teach us all things, and teach us to abide in Christ
Mark: Yep.
No, Mark. You just agreed with Zach. He specifically defined "anointing," which completely disagrees with your definition. You can't have it both ways. Oh wait...this is religion. It's all bullshit, anyway.
Zach:, that's the anointing, the teaching of the Spirit in us; and then there's the anointing of the Holy Spirit Himself, which is our security, which is our endowment, or security, whatever you call it, “seal of ownership”, ya know, our security for eternity. And that's the anointing, and I know people have talked about intimacy, the “oil of intimacy”, and they get really allegorical, and you know it's kind of hard for me to come alongside that because they're looking into it a lot more than I probably see right away.
Mark: Do you believe that there's different anointings, though? I know that there are those types of anointings you're talking about, but do you know that there's different anointings for different purposes?
So Mark didn't really agree with Zach. Zach defined anointing as something the Holy Spirit gives you after "accepting Christ," so one can know spiritual things. Mark agrees, but still wants his definition to be valid.
Zach: I'd agree with that. That makes SENSE. I mean, people do different things, and they have different personalities; of course God's going to work with them in the way that He's designed them.
But wait, Zach. Isn't that what Mark was defining as "gifts of the spirit" and not anointing. Damn...this religious bullshit is twisting the hell out of my brain, right now.
Mark: Yeah, but I'm not just saying, not in the aspect of personality, but anointing to do certain things. Because, Jesus there, was saying that “I'm anointed to preach the Good News.”
Zach: Jesus was GOD.
Mark: Well He was man when He was on earth.
Zach: Okay, but I'm just saying that He's got the complete power.
Mark: But Saul was anointed to be king. Correct? David was anointed to be king. And he had the prophet do it because it was symbolic, the prophet carried the Spirit of God. And the  prophet brought the anointing to those men. Totally different personalities, but it was an anointing to DO something. It actually says when Saul, after he was anointed, it was like this leadership gift came on him.
Wait...did Mark just call himself a prophet? I think so.


In Act Sixteen, we'll see that Annah jumps on this concept wholeheartedly. She defines her prophetess status and tells Zach that she has the ability to un-anoint him. Bored yet? God...this anointing crap is chappin' my arse.

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  1. "Zach: Jesus was GOD.
    Mark: Well, He was man when He was on earth."

    Um..... what denomination do these (Mark and Annah) hail from? Mark's response is....well,....theologically shaky.

    Perhaps my Catholic upbringing is leading me awry, but I thought a) an anointing was a literal process involving getting oil on the head and b) as a literal process, it can't be undone.

    Example (For any of Mark/Annah/Norman who are lurking): During my confirmation, I was anointed with oil. My confirmation cannot be undone. No earthly person can revoke what God does. That's basic theology.

    Ofc, all of this is predicated on the basic principle that "I am not God." Since Mark et al. seem to believe they are God, I'm probably just wasting time.