Friday, November 8, 2013

Incongruous Circumspection Passed Away on Facebook

To all of you who followed my Incongruous Circumspection page on Facebook, I have now killed it in lieu of my author page with the name, Joe Sands.

I will be posting regularly there. All my blog posts as well as links and excerpts to my other writing endeavors.

Of note, I am beginning to write a novel and am quite excited about it. It will be in a genre all its own: Erotica (a bit)/Suspense/Childhood terror and how it conforms to adult life/Revenge/and finally, my favorite, an ending that leaves you walking away angry with me.

I hope to titillate you enough to buy the book or series or whatever, in the future.

Visit the Joe Sands author page and feel free to 'like' it too.

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