Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cartoon Child Pornography is Still Child Pornography

Let's begin with a principle about due process. A motive, in itself, cannot be prosecuted. The motive can lead us to the facts of a case, the facts being the things that convict us of a wrongdoing. But motives, in and of themselves, are not always prosecutable (poetic license).

Now, let's get a bit more theoretical. IF I indeed have a motive to commit a crime - and yet I don't - that motive doesn't make me a criminal. But it DOES indicate the sort of person I am. If I DO commit a crime, that motive can be pointed to in order to prove that I indeed committed the crime or to indicate what the severity of my punishment should be. If I never commit that crime, yet I had the motive, nobody will be the wiser, and I can live life as if nothing is amiss.

Onward to child pornography.

If you're attracted to children in a sexual way, there is nothing that you can tell me that will alleviate my disgust for you, as I indicated in my last salvo at this sordid community. I still find you to be a "disgusting, vile pig." To look at a child and think ANY thoughts of sexual gratification for yourself is sick.

So, when you write to me and say the following, Anonymous commenter, I have no sympathy or regard for your needs:
Watching animated child porn is the only way to do it without facing legal action. You can't blame us for finding a safe alternative.
You DO have a point. There is nothing illegal in looking at naked cartoons of a child. That is correct, though a fine line can be drawn at HOW cartoonish the picture actually is. But, the mere fact that you need to view naked children for a sexual release is where I, as a father of six beautiful children, draw the line.

No. I CAN and WILL blame you for finding a safe alternative. Why?

Because the day you decide to act on your urges in real life is the day I don't care one hill of beans for your existence.


  1. Many sexual offenders "crank themselves up" by watching porn and then they act. Not just pedophiles.

    So it's not as safe as he pretends. The only alternative is desensitization.

  2. No it's not right, even if the children are cartoons. To me, even cartoon versions should either be illegal, or those sites monitored by law enforcement to track down the people watching them to monitor them, and hopefully catch them when they do abuse kids. Those kind of people, if they haven't abuse children yet, they soon will.