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The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Sixteen - Zach is Ignorant

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Incongruous Circumspection was threatened by Mark and Annah's Henchman! 
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Mark Reid Tries to Preach Out of a Jam 

In Act Fifteen, we saw Mark call himself a prophet - one who has the power to anoint others with their churchly duties. Here, we'll watch these two idiots tell Zach that they are better than he is - because they've been Christians longer and know people.


Annah: But it also said that the prophet came and said, “You're no longer...” - and Samuel never ever, ever, talked to Saul after he said this to him: “Now it has been taken from  you, and it is placed on David.” A new king. He said, “Now, I'm going to take the anointing that God gave you, but because you did not submit to the prophet...” - he did not listen  to what was being told to him. He said, “Now I'm going to take that anointing, and I'm going to place it on another man.” And Samuel went out and he found that man. Now David didn't become king immediately, he had to go through the fire. He had to go through the cave life, and live there until the Saul was taken out of him...

Wait...What? The Saul in him? Interesting perspective not found in the Bible she is quoting from.

...Because God wasn't going to put another king in charge that had an attitude of non-submission...

 WHAT! Hahahaha! David didn't get to become king right away because he had an attitude of non-submission!? That's the most laughable interpretation of a bloody simple story I've ever heard. Nothing like trying to inject your own theology where it simply isn't. 

No, David just couldn't be king because Saul was king. It's pretty simple, as I said.
...Because all the Kingdom of God is about, Zach, if you read your Bible, READ it, it talks about submission through the whole Bible. It's all about submission: submission to the king, submission to where God places you. Joseph had to submit to the jailhouse. You think Joseph really wanted to be in that pit? No, but God was rooting out pride, because before he came before his brothers again, he was so broken, man, so humble, that he could not stand anymore in his pride and go, “Oo! Look what I've got: my coat; I've got dreams, and I'm ruling over you.”...
What!!!! Seriously, woman. STOP pretending shit is there when it isn't! 

See, this is the problem with NOT reading the Bible. All Christians should read it. If they don't they get hoodwinked by snake-oil salespeeps like Mark and Annah Reid, pretending that the Bible is, cover to cover, all about submission.  The fact of the matter is, the Bible is most definitely not singularly topical and anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

We've spoken at great length, in this series, about the story of Joseph, so I won't elaborate more than to say, Annah is flat wrong. The story of Joseph has nothing whatsoever to do with humility, pride, or even submission.

...God wants that – and you can go the opposite of going, “I don't want to be a worship leader. I'm never going to do that.” (Zach: mimicking my previous resignation) That's pride too! They're both pride. It's both pride. 'Cause you're just saying, “I'm not going to submit to the king.” That's basically what you're saying, Zach. “I'M not submitting to the King. I'm going to serve the God of my imagination out there, but I'm not serving to the King of kings Who tells me I have to submit to my leadership, come into my fullness.” And so what happens is, you know, you're young, you might come back some day and say, “Oh my gosh! Now I get it.” Maybe you won't. You know, or you can stay, and surrender, and submit...

So Annah and Mark are the kings who get to tell Zach when he can say he's not going to be the worship leader. According to the above words from Annah, if they "anoint" him to be the worship leader and, one day, he shows up and says he's finished, they have every right to say, "Nay nay! Not on our watch!" Then force him to stay. That Zach or anyone else may say that God told them to not be a worship leader anymore is irrelevant. They alone have the ability to say yes or no.
Zach: So it's that I don't get [the anointing] now.
Annah: No you don't!
Zach: So I'm leaving ignorant.
Annah: Yeah, you are.
Zach: ...and, “Wow! That kid doesn't know anything!”
Annah: No, you know some stuff, you know music, and you know some stuff, Zach, but, no, I don't think you really know that much.
 Wow. What an asshole, she is. Zach is 26 years old, by the way, at the time of this meeting.

Mark: Why don't you?

Really? You too, Mark? Jumping on the "Zach is a spiritual (and otherwise) idiot" bandwagon? Makes sense, really. You both are power hungry idiots.

Annah: I think you think you do.
Ah. The classic 'put him in his place' line. Annah knows everything and thus can see that, though Zach may be confident in who he is, knowledge, wisdom and all, she knows better.
Zach: I'm not saying I know everything. Everybody has their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Annah: I think that a humble person...
Zach: ...they don't need to dote it on somebody saying, “You've got to do it my way!”
Annah: ...I think, Zach, if you were humble, you would be willing to be teachable. I don't think you're teachable right now.
Teachable for what? Did he screw with your grand master plan by saying he was going to leave on his terms? Yeah. That must be it.

Mark: And maybe you don't respect us as leaders and don't think that WE know what we're doing.
Annah: Yeah.
Mark: And so that's not a good set either .
Annah: Uh uh...
Mark: ...ya know
Annah: 'Cause you have to respect your leaders
Mark: You know, you may be totally right, and we may not know what we're talking about, and so you shouldn't submit to us. But there's an outside chance that after being saved and in ministry as long as we have been ...
Annah: And the things that we've gone through ...
Mark:...and the relationships that we have, uh, with other leaders that have gone through a lot of the same things, that we might know what we're talking about.
And there you have it my friends. They played that card. Not only are they Zach's leaders, but they know people. And not only do they know people, but they've been Christians longer, so they get to lord it over Zach.
Zach: And I've gone through DIFFERENT things, and so whatever experience I bring should be able to work with you guys' experience, right?
Mark: Yes, but it won't lead our experience.
Hahahahahaha!!! How convenient. ZACH'S experience is NOTHING, compared to Mark and Annah's, thus, it is irrelevant.

That's about enough for this Act. Let's check in next time, in Act Seventeen, where Mark and Annah Reid try and explain to Zach that they really aren't saying they're better than he is, even though they are, but it's really about submission or Jesus or whatever.

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