Monday, November 11, 2013

Doug Phillips: Explaining My Mirth at His Demise

Lest you think I am a man who simply despises the religious and glories in the thoroughness of their imminent fall from grace, as in the case of Doug Phillips of Vision Forum, do not be fooled.

This is a human problem. Wherever humanity thrives, reprobates will also exist. People who rise to power and take advantage of the weak. People who simply take advantage of people. People who do things to others, or even themselves, without the notion of the common good.

That being said, a man, like Doug Phillips, who raises himself above others, beats his chest, and lauds the perfection of MEN as the sole conduit of God's word and purpose to the rest of humanity (women), yes, like him...the fall is all the more sweet.

May he wallow in his own undoing and hear the suffering cries of the thousands of lives he destroyed with his message, as he mastered the art of pious hypocrisy.


  1. What I want him to also hear is the voices of those who have turned away from his teachings, and why. Those who are saying, "I made it out, no thanks to you. I'm stronger than you ever gave me credit as a woman for being. And now I'm spreading the word about you so others will have nothing to do with you."

    I hope he somehow comes to understand what it feels like, to be one of the victims of his arrogance.