Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"pastor" Tim Henderson Appears Again - Still Himself

Three years ago, in June, 2011, I wrote about Tim Henderson (left). The story is hilarious in part, where he made up a few tall tales about Kristine and I leaving his church, First Baptist of Elkton, SD, due to a series of affairs I allegedly had with women at the bank I was working for.

Of course, as I noted in the linked article, those affairs never happened, and we simply left because we were burned out. Tim knew this, but, for some reason, couldn't bring himself to admit to his followers that people might legitimately have a problem with his agenda or tactics. Thus, he resorted to lies.

We weren't the only people he ran through the mud - though the ramifications of his lies about me bounced off of me better than others because I didn't live in the small community with a besmirched name. I never had to defend myself against Tim's accusations. I just moved on.

I feel for those who had to fight him.

And then, I received a comment from an Anonymous commenter on the linked article. They actually did take Tim to the cleaners - and won!  Here is there comment, in full:
We lived next to this terrible family when they moved to Murfreesboro, TN (based on your account, I feel pretty sure this the same TBoy and family....2 boys, one daughter, self righteous Kim). 
We had a terrible 2 year battle with their boys (and the parents) bullying my oldest son. It was passive aggressive nasty glares, hatefulness...The entire time, we were told our children were habitual liars and their children could never do such a thing.To boil down a long story, we did prevail, the truth was seen by the schools and our oldest now attends school comfortably with their children. 
My husband and I both grew up in church and were knocked off our feet for awhile by the self righteous bullying of these constant bible thumpers. We found out that they would do and say anything to protect their conjured "perfect" image.
Tim hasn't changed a bit. 

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  1. Don't it make you wanna' get a little meddling and have some fun in person at his church?