Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season One, Episode 2,3 - With the Kids

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This time, the kids were prepared for the zombies, though, in Episode Three, there weren't many, save the one idiot zombie that ate Daryl's deer. 

Speaking of that zombie, the kids were a bit freaked out over it's close proximity to the camp, but rejoiced with cheers as the entire band of males in the camp beat the thing to death, the old man finally chopping off its head. Funny thing too, being that, by the end of Season 3, a single head shot or one bat blow to the noggin' kills these things. But I guess these beginning episodes highlight how they learned how to murder the undead.

Frederic (8) was mighty afraid of what was down in the sewer of the department store and covered his eyes when the zombie appeared out of nowhere, chewing on a rat.

Speaking of rats, the one good thing, so far, about showing my kids this show, is that we had a very frank discussion about rats. The dangers, the size they can grow to, the diseases they can carry, where they live. Because of their terror over zombies, rats were nothing to worry about. My kids now can speak of normal dangers in life and fear that which does not exist, giving themselves a level of security and confidence that others that fear clowns can only dream of.

I fast-forwarded the sex scene in Episode One, between Shane and Rick's wife. I'm not sure why, but I did. Renaya (11) protested. She knows all about sex in a very healthy way and we are talking about it in normal everyday conversation with the other two, Laura (10) and Fred. We didn't fast-forward the scene of kissing in the tent between Rick and his wife, though, and Laura mentioned that they kiss A LOT! 

Like she hasn't seen that between Kristine and I.

Frederic was very happy that Glen loved the Charger. He flashed one of his gorgeous smiles whenever there was a close-up of Glen, spouting elation over his new ride.

And finally, when it was done, all three kids clung to mommy and daddy as we climbed the stairs to go to bed. When I was able, I broke free and raced up into the girls room and hid beside the door. Laura was the first to enter and I growled and grabbed her shoulder. She let out a scream that split the ears of everyone in the city and rushed back into Kristine's arms, burying her head into her chest.

Then, they all fell asleep, cuddled up to each other. Renaya ended up in our bed later that night and needed a shot of lavender oil on her pillow to finally drift off.

Episode 4 is up next.


  1. When I took Ethan to see Thor 2 I was a little concerned that he might be disturbed by the creatures. I didn't know what they looked like untlk they were actually on thw screen but I figured if he didn't want to look he could turn away. I know I would have been scared as a kid because my parents would have made a big deal out of it. My boy didn't flinch I'm proud to say and I have a feeling he won't be as scared of life in general as a result of letting him decide what is scary to him.

  2. I forgot to add this before I posted:
    Kudos for allowing your kids to be exposed to "scary" things but without imprinting fear on them.