Monday, November 4, 2013

I Sold My Mower

A dear neighbor friend of mine gave me a Yard Machines riding mower at the beginning of the mowing season. It wouldn't start (or so I thought), so I took it down the street to a small engine repair shop that specialized in motorcycles.

$335 later, they called me and said it was done.

Joe: $335
Mower: Winning!

We went to get the mower and it ran perfect for about 5 minutes of mowing. The blade belt came off the gears.

So, we called a mobile mower repair shop. They charged us $70 to say they couldn't find the right belt.

Joe: $405
Mower: Still winning!

I put the bloody thing on Craig's List and just sold it for $150.

Mower: Won!

I'm not even subtracting the $150 from my losses. Instead, I'm taking my wife out for an expensive hamburger.

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