Friday, November 15, 2013

David Barton: "If you kill many enemies God's way, you won't have PTSD"

Yes... he said that.

As I've written about in so many places, Christianity breaks down for me when someone says they are "blessed of God." Essentially, why do we, as American soldiers, not have to suffer PTSD because we're doing the work of the Lord by killlin' others, when they ALSO could be doing the same faithful work for that God.

Why are our wars warranted by the deity and others' are not? Is it probable then, David Barton, that the PTSD is a cause of wars that God did not sanction?


Yes, the Bible is a good book for learning English and historical cultural fairy tales with a dash of perceived history tossed in. But to try and make arguments for life by extrapolating stories and injecting them into the modern era is a fools errand.

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