Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Sister's Story

My sister has begun to blog her story of her childhood.  It's sort of in a snippet format.  Little memories here and there that make up the weave of her life.  Some of the content is new to me.  Memories that she has that I don't.

Please read it and weep for those who may still be living this life and go forth in training those that can do something about it.

My Childhood Saga, Unleashed

Chapter 2 - Night Terrors

Chapter 3 ~ No Appetite

Chapter 4 ~ And She Cried

Chapter 5 ~ Won’t Somebody Please Help!?

Chapter 6 ~ Hatred’s Hidden Dead End

Chapter 7 ~ The Final Straw

Chapter 8 ~ Broken Chains

Chapter 9 ~ The People Who Healed

Keep following as she writes more chapters, as well.


  1. thanks for sharing my story brother

    -your little sis

  2. Please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're making me feel old.

    ~Your BIG bro.

  3. This is so sad, it also aligns with some feelings I felt and can't ever talk about.

  4. Hey can you keep us updated via your blog or facebook or both every time she writes a new update?

  5. I'll try as hard as I can. She's up to Chapter 9 now and I think she is done.

  6. I'm done with the Saga. My story does not end though. I will keep writing about my current life, my kids, hubby and definitely healing. I love to write and do it often. Thanks for reading!


  7. Hi Bec - I'm just about to start reading your story here. Keep us updated if you write more chapters. Best of luck to you in your healing process.

  8. Hey Joe,

    I'm still getting tons of hits from your blog. I truly appreciate your support. I hope my story will help others on their road to healing.

    Love you bro!

  9. When you sign your book deal, I want a cut.