Friday, December 20, 2013

M & M's Stops Making Red and Green Candies to Respect All Beliefs

The War on Christmas just reached a new level. Mars Candies, the maker of M & M's has just pulled all red and green candies from their inventory " order to respect the deeply held beliefs of all people," CEO Paul Michaels said.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had recently sent a letter to Mars, Inc., stating that they would sue the company if they did not stop making red and green colored M & M's during the holiday season, being that it was religious discrimination against those that did not celebrate Christmas. Mars, Inc. complied quickly and removed the dyes from the production line.

Paul Michaels again:
Thankfully, as an iconic and well-loved brand, we have begun to insert the colors red and green into the Valentine's Day holiday season. This will help us unload our inventory during that holiday, as we will have a large amount of red and green candies to sell.
When asked about this prospect, the FFRF issued the following statement:
We will be following up with another letter to Mars, Inc, letting them know that we will be suing them for even celebrating Valentine's Day. This is an overtly religious holiday, specifically Catholic, and discriminates against those that would rather not partake in anything religious. Our lawyers are on swift standby.
So, there you have it folks, the War on Christmas (and Valentine's Day) is alive and well. 

If you would like to support Mars Candies, the maker of M & M's, please call them and voice your opposition to their decision, letting them know that you will buy extra red and green M & M's, should they insert them back into their product line. 


I. C.


  1. I'm confused.

    This appears absurd on its face - not only the demand itself, but also that the Freedom from Religion Foundation would make it, and that M&M-Mars would acquiesce.

    But just to make sure, off to Google I go. There's no reference anywhere else on the WWWeb to this incident that I can find, so I remain with my first reaction, which is that this is a parody of something.

    But that really is the telephone number for the Mars corporate switchboard in McLean, Virginia. What are we meant to be moved to do? What issue or incident it this satirizing?

    1. Two things:

      1. The fact that the Religious Right claims that the FFRF is trying to wipe religion from the public and private square, when they are truly bent on only making sure that separation of church and state is upheld.

      2. That the War on Christmas is pretty much bullshit.

    2. But what's the connection to M&M-Mars? Why them, and why is their telephone number specifically included?

      Is this a reaction to Mars acquiescing to a similarly absurd demand made by Christianists? There's no link to anything anywhere in the post.

  2. Aha. Then I sincerely hope no one at M&M-Mars gets any prank calls at work because of this.

    1. So I see! Thank you - that seems prudent.

      And thanks also for the blog in general, by the way. You're among the ex-fundamentalist-Christian authors whose voice I find valuable to listen to.

  3. This type of thing has always confused me, and I mean no disrespect to anyone.

    Red and Green M&M's have always been in the bag, and those colors are not 'Christian' or anything. Santa Claus uses them as! I mean I think of it representing the tree as well - which some say is 'pagan' (grasp! lol)

    I have a confession though! (snickers) When I was in High School they started a myth about the 'green' ones making you so of course all the boys wanted them! I do an internal giggle everything I think of the green ones. I think of Santa with the red ones.

    So the protest against the M&M colors? I don't see the point in all honesty. I would miss the 'mint' flavored ones that come out this time of year if they ban it! Those things are YUMMIE, and they use those colors.