Sunday, March 13, 2016

Moving to Free Thought Blogs

Or Freethought Blogs. Or something...

Yeah. That happened.

In February, 2011, I began Incongruous Circumspection. It was on a whim, really. I hadn't considered blogging before, but knew I loved to write and provoke thought in the process. I had just joined a community of survivors from Bill Gothard's institution, most of them homeschoolers.

Many of them encouraged me to take my Facebook writings and turn them into what became this. In the beginning, a woman named Liberty began to comment. She was intelligent, had common sense that matched, in greatness, my utter lack thereof, and best of all, was a fledgling atheist that took a liking to me, a liberal-minded Christian.

She had also started blogging. Her blog was Love, Joy, Feminism.

Then, Liberty evolved to Libby Anne and became much bigger than me. She filled a niche in the interwebs - intelligent and fascinating feminists who loved to write, and write well she did. It didn't take long for Free Thought Blogs to notice her. They invited her to their network and I watched as her star grew brighter.

Libby Anne wrote a post on leaving the pro-life movement that went viral and became the star of the summer, that year. Or winter or fall or something. She soon left FtB for Patheos and has become even more of a force since.

I mention her because her ascent to FtB was a dream of mine. A dream for five years and counting. I wanted it too, and Libby Anne left no coattails to grab onto. She was just too big for me. I was lost in her shadow. (I have no idea what I just wrote)

I've religiously read Pharyngula, P.Z. Myers namesake, as well. He was the real reason I've desired to represent that network. He inspires every cell of my being, for some odd reason.

Meh...I'm rambling.

I may cross post here, once I make the official move, but more than likely, things will begin to peter out. I am so grateful to all of my readers - all six of you, and I realize I'm being generous with that head count.

I look forward to writing for you in the new venue.


  1. I'll be setting it up soon. Link in new post!

  2. Hi I love reading your blog but have never commented!
    Do you know how many people follow your writing but do not comment?

  3. I don't, but I have huge engagement over at FtB. I received as many comments, today, over there, as I received in a year here.