Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's Quite Possible I Will Begin Writing Here Again: A Sort of Mea Culpa

I'm not sure yet. 

This last two years has left me disillusioned with both sides of the political spectrum. That doesn't bode well for my new home on Free Thought Blogs, which is ironic, being that "free thought" would mean I'm very much allowed to speak from the heart about why things are not as they seem.

But I really feel like it isn't so, and that I have not the independence to fulfill my desire to speak what I see as the nuanced truth of matters, when the most prolific writers on that network have such an antipathy for discourse that disagrees from their point of view.

Bear in mind that I have no proof of this at all, being that I haven't yet stuck my neck out and said anything that has been lambasted. My proof is simply how I am excoriated in public by the very people who are the target audience of FTB, as well as the extreme rhetoric used against their detractors by some of the writers "in charge".

Now, I will not and am not disparaging their point of view, whatever it is. Nor am I even suggesting I disagree with it. That's the beauty of free thought. They get to be who they are and if I am not a good fit, they get to tell me that and even run me out, if necessary. I understand that and completely support the idea.

But I cannot sit back and not say what needs to be said anymore. The things that divide us are so much fewer than the things that are common to us. Yes, that is such a bullshit platitude, overused by politicians who gain votes by saying vacuous utterances, not to mention the bloviating pontificators on the thing we call news, these days.

Rather, the things I am speaking about are the practical things in life, not defined by ideology and belief, but defined by verifiable facts that can be pointed to. Things that, when shoved into a room, everyone from all sides realize they are working toward the same end goal, regardless of underlying ideology.

I haven't made a decision yet. But one thing I can say is that, as much as I thought money was a reason to be excited about moving to Free Thought Blogs, that idea hasn't panned out, and I doubt it ever will. Blogging doesn't make the average blogger an income. Sure, more than this blog does, but not by much.

Simply put, the need to speak what I see as the truth cannot be hampered by the desire to make more money, or the promise of more exposure.

Love you all,

I. C.

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