Sunday, February 5, 2012

Darcy Needs a Lawn Mower


I am going to be asking for money for a very dear friend of mine.  Many of you know her by her blog, especially this post that garnered oodles of attention all over the online world.  Her name is Darcy. 

Darcy comes from a background that was heavily patriarchal and has catapulted out of it into a beautiful marriage, soon expecting her fourth child.  The family has struggled with meager means, living through their home burning down, then getting foreclosed on after a job loss, and pulling through on the other side, whole again.  They are a testament to those that have been ostracized by former friends and yet forge an awesome life of their own.

But, living meagerly tends to ignore the practical, at times.  The things that many of us take for granted are simply a dream for many others.  In this case, Darcy and her family have been using the same used lawn mower for years.  It is currently being held together by duct tape and a bale of twine.  Sometimes Darcy has to kick it over and over to get it to start.  A mom of three - no, a pregnant mom of three - does not need to have that stress.

The family has scraped together a measly $100 to get a used mower at a pawn shop and have, as of yet, been unable to find one.

My desire is for Darcy and her family to get a brand new, walk-behind, self-propelled, gas-powered, lawn mower.  One with a mulcher (which doesn't add much to the cost).  One of those mowers cost around $350.00.  I also want Darcy to keep her saved up $100.00 and spend it on the kids.

Please consider chipping in some funds for Darcy and her family.  Even $1.00 would help us get there.  You can chip in your donation at the following Chip In site:

Darcy's Lawn Mower Chip In Site

Thank you in advance. 

Incongruous Circumspection

We raised a little more than $400!!!!  Thank you to everyone that helped!  You can still contribute until 3/3/2012 if you want.  A little more will enable Darcy and family to not only purchase the mower, but also an extended warranty.  Again, thank you!


  1. Nah. As I said to Darcy, I would expect the same from my friends when I am hobbled on a cane, legally blind, without the ability to reach my toenails. Thank you, by the way!

  2. You expecting us to clip your nails, Joe? Boy, am I gonna be a disappointment to you!

    That's me under Kermit Williams. (you read it right: Kermit) Wish I could've done more, but I do have a wedding to hold!

  3. How exciting that we were able to reach the goal!! Thank you for organizing this, Joe!

  4. this is my 2nd time to try and chip in but i can't remember my paypal password. what the heck!!