Saturday, November 3, 2012

Putting Kids to Bed

I sit here in the middle of our second floor, 35 foot hallway, piano music playing on the iPad, my cell phone rattling to the tune of twenty texts an hour, and the laptop on my knees. 

I'm right outside the door of my two youngest girls.  The door is open.  I can hear Analisse (2) sucking on her pacifier - a sucking that rivals Maggie Simpson (though Maggie has had 20 years of practice so it's not really a fair fight).  Felicity (5) is also fighting the thumb sucking.  Her dentist has told her not to suck it.  We've tried putting socks on her hands and she got used to that.  Then, she began taking them off and ended up not sucking her thumb most of the time.  One can really tell when she does enjoy that little finger, though. 

Laura (9) is "sleeping", missing her older sister, Renaya (10), who left to sleep at a friend's house.  But Laura is living on the excitement of driving alone with me to Kansas City, Kansas, to her best friend's house for the weekend.  This best friend just happened to move away at the peak of their ultra-loyal friendship.  The two are peas in a pod.  Both deeply loyal, will grow up to be smashingly beautiful, and quietly passionate about life.

Frederic (7) is pretending to sleep, electing rather to play with toys in the dark while his brother, Jack (3), sleeps soundly beside him in his bed.

I used to read to them.  But this hallway is so long.  I should get back to that.  But here, the music and sometimes the washer and dryer do the same trick.

I enjoy bedtime.  It relaxes me.

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  1. I wish I had that attitude about bedtime! I just want everyone to put themselves to sleep instantaneously so I can have TWO SECONDS of QUIET! :P Also. Loved this post. Your writing is evolving, eh? :) ( and I mean that as a compliment)