Friday, February 14, 2014

Fight Normativity - Take Another Shower

The first thing I do when I roll out of bed, other than setting my feet upon the cold, wide plank boards of our bedroom floor, is to stumble down the two flights of stairs to the shower. 

I love taking showers. They're refreshing, relaxing (a different kind of relaxation than the slumber I just left), and a time to unwind and prepare for the day. Some mornings, I wake up too late and end up taking a shower at night, before bed. But not usually. That consistently gives me Einstein-like bed hair in the morning. Being that I don't ever look in a mirror and my sweet bride thinks I'm beautiful in every way imaginable, I usually don't discover this until later that evening.

But, say I took a shower in the morning. When I arrive home after work, I walk past the bathroom and my whole being yearns for that hot water rushing over my soulless self. My feet play tricks on me, trying to move me in the direction of the lavatory. But then, a click in the back of my brain jerks me back to my normative reality:

"You already took one this morning!!"

The problem with that thinking is that my body has already considered the possibility of the shower. Now that logic has stepped in, the physiological relaxation process that had already started then feels the need to reverse itself. This takes ample brain power. Always victorious, I walk the other direction and find myself oddly more exhausted than when I arrived home.

Now for the tossing of the normativity shackles...

Take another shower!!! I will. I'm going to. I need it every so often. You probably do as well. If it's a bath you're into, then do that instead. Heck, mix it up, take a shower in the morning and a bath in the evening. 

I tip my hat to my well-relaxed and healthy readers.


I. C.

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