Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day with My Bride

Tonight, we are putting the kids to bed. Then, we'll go to McDonald's. We might even go crazy and get Kid's Meals - just for the toy. Heck, ice cream cones too!

Then, we'll go home and enjoy a bottle or two or three or so (who counts after three!?), sitting in front of the fireplace. 

Then we'll fall asleep.

Kristine will wake up the next morning with a hangover and I will laugh at her. She will slap me. I will laugh harder. She will kiss the slap mark, which will be enormous, being that she works out every day, something I can't do because it hurts and I don't do things that hurt me.

The kids, after hearing the slap, will come into the room and see Mommy kissing my cheek and will walk away, confused as to why a simple peck sounded like a very hurtful slap.

Then, we'll go back to sleep. The kids will get their own breakfast.

The day will be perfect.

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