Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Friend, Collin Engstrom, is Pretty Smart

I went to college in Marshall, Minnesota. Southwest Minnesota State University, to be exact. I received a Bachelor's in Computer Science and missed a math minor by three credits. I was terrified of the Calculus 3 professor, who had a reputation for eating his students alive, after dismembering them with chalk he sharpened with his teeth.

My dearest friend from college took that class. This gentleman, Collin Engstrom is a genius. He has so many degrees, he makes Al Gore look lowly in his shadow. He graduated with a double degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Even though he was brilliant, that Calc 3 class killed him. He ended up taking the beating twice, and still couldn't get up to an 'A'.

Then he went on to smash records in everything else. Had to be the professor.

Anyway, Collin is finally published and the paper is a good read for smart people.

Check it out here.

Title: Design Patterns for Tunable and Efficient SSD-based Indexes

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