Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola is God's Judgment for Splitting Up Israel

"There are grounds to say that judgment has already begun, because he, the president, has been fighting to divide Jerusalem for years now. We are now experiencing the crisis of a result of God's judgment on America due to Obama [dividing up the land of Israel]" - John Hagee

John, pray tell, what part did Sierra Leone play in peace talks to create a two-state solution. Liberia? Any other countries? 

Nah. You readers know the game. Everything bad that happens, claim the Bible god's judgment, due to some naughty thing you're against.

I wonder what Hagee would say if he contracted the deadly virus.

Also this.


  1. whatever happened it musta been Obama xD

  2. Loved the video... and so true.

    1. I can only assume you mean the second video and not the Hagee one. ;)