Thursday, March 3, 2016

Letters from Mama: Be Careful, I Have Spies

Disclaimer: Against my better judgment, I'm going to continue sharing Mama's letters and shenanigans with my readers. While I realize I am giving a voice to a proud narcissist, propping up her already overblown ego, I am convinced it is more important to offer a case study to those who may find themselves in the clutches of someone like her, or give those who may have escaped an evil human being, an outlet to empathize with another human being, understanding that they are not alone in their walk of life.

So I continue...

This was a short note from Mama. Obviously a quickly spun letter, trying to defend herself from accusations that I leveled against her in the last post. Then again, she really isn't defending herself as much as she is attempting to "put me in my place."
Dear son,
To Mama, it's important she doesn't use my name. By calling me "son," she asserts her God-given authority over me. If I don't listen to what is coming next, I am rebellious and denying God. More about that later.
No, I don't go over to your column online. Saw one, some years ago, about you being snipped. But that's it.
First of all, I don't have a column online. I would love to reach the level of "columnist," but alas, I am but a lowly blogger. Secondly, the fact that Mama is responding to my "accusation" that she reads my blog essentially proves that she reads my blog. I sure hope she does. It's important for an abuser to know how they affected (and continue to affect) their victims, especially when the victim can be a safe distance away.  And I never finished my Snipped! series at No Longer Quivering. I should get on that.
I was told by a kind-hearted soul, about your one concerning that wonderful Christmas present I had concocted for your family a few years ago.
Wonderful, eh? That Letters from Mama post is one of the most popular of the series, exposing the true insanity of who she is. The fact that she calls it "wonderful," as well as the revealing fact that she still focuses on herself, with respect to a gift, solidifies her label as a narc. Read it for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Also, "kind-hearted soul" is shorthand for "spy."
Your community page on Facebook, notice of it, pops up every so often on my FB news-feed page, and, every few weeks or so I look in there to see if you are still alive.
Sure you do. Sure you do.
I do love you even through this God-denying portion of your life. When you exit that portion, you will be grateful Jesus taught me how to do that. : )
I have no idea why I'll be grateful. But she brings up a good point. In her theology, love is not a human emotion, unless the person in front of you is doing what you expect them to do. If, on the other hand, a person is different than you, the love you show them is Jesus' love, and not your own, you being incapable of accepting the differences in other human beings. It's sad, really.

Mama is convinced that her tiny boy is in a phase, and once he finally discovers that his doting mother was right about God all along, he'll race back into her arms, which will open just at the right time, having been locked closed until I am acceptable to her.

Exactly the kind of Christianity that makes me all excited to go back to - not to mention, when I finally do, I'll end up going blind anyway


  1. I think that her use of the word "concocted" in relation to the strings-attached Christmas gift is very telling. It is almost admitting that she had come up with a new way to try to control not only you, but also your children.

    1. Also, yes please finish your Snipped! series. I want to know what happened next.

  2. Blech!������