Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not Sure I Can Handle It

Something horrible happened today.  I was sitting in my comfortable semi-ergonomic black leather office chair - that I got for free when a bank I used to work for got rid of their old furniture - when my eldest daughter stomped out of the bathroom (powder room?) behind me and sniffled.  Then, with a mostly audible wail, she complained about her hair not cooperating with whatever hair fixing instruments she happened to be using at the time.

The problem:  She's 8 years old!  And her hair is about 4 inches long!

I grow hair twice that long by the time I need a haircut and it looks just fine when I rub my fingers through it in the morning.  If it is stubborn and wants to stick straight up or in every direction imaginable, I sprinkle on a bit o' water or just put on a hat.  Sometimes I merely convince myself that messy is the new neat.  Nothin' to it.  Why can't she just do the same?

Really, all I'm doing is revealing how utterly insensitive I am going to be when she reaches her prime age for complaining about everything from her lash color to her toenail length.  She'll probably even notice when I have a nose hair sticking a nanometer out of my schnoz.

Please help me learn how to handle this.  I cannot even fathom what life will be like in 5 years when its already at this level!


  1. Trust me..... she will!! lol. Yeah, most dads don't understand. Just act like you do. Its a female thing. Only understood by other females.... ;)

  2. Thanks HisRuthie! Do I need to cry right along with her too?

  3. Oh maaaannn..... I do NOT miss going through all of that growing up stuff. I have a 7yo daughter now. She's mostly still a kid, but the moods can swing around a bit. I have days when I call my mom and apologize profusely for everything I ever said or did while growing up. So now real advice, but definitely sympathy.

  4. LOL! Thanks UM. Last night, I told my six year old son to quit faking a cough. Then, I said I was going to give him cough medicine (which he hates) to which my eight year old daughter replied, "If he's faking, why does he need cough medicine?" The days of daddy being always right are over.