Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Rogue "pastoral" Team: Act Eight - Annah. Boss. Happy.

We left off in Act Seven with Mark drawling on about Zach being a rebellious person whenever he thinks for himself.  Let’s jump right back in and listen to Mark Reid.

Mark continued: It's like this thing cycles like every two months. Two months ago we were standing over at that – behind that sound booth over there – and you were YELLING at Annah…
(Zach: Mark was referring to the previous argument we'd had over their decision to have a worship team member step off the worship team due to her lack of the required exuberance, among other petty things)
…And then you humbled yourself, and then everything was really cool for awhile…

“Humbled yourself” is code for, “got back under our control.”

…but now – I remember the start of it – you were out it your car after service, and I'm like, "What's going on?", and you responded, "Oh, nothing, really." And I said, "Is it the thing with your brother again?"
(Zach: Mark was referring to our brief discussion the previous week over why I had sat out in the foyer during the service... in which I explained about my brother, Incongruous Circumspection, who I was thinking about, with his recent writings.)
…and you responded, "Na." And, um, it's just our observation that this thing is a pendulum that goes back and forth and it's really not working…

Translation:  “We need you to always be acquiescent.”

Zach: How much of human nature is involved in that?

Mark: Huh?

Mark Reid doesn’t really understand human nature unless it fits into his worldview of Mark being in charge of everyone except Annah Reid, who is obviously pulling his puppet strings.
Zach: How much of human nature is involved in the pendulum…

Annah: Right…

Zach: …and people switching on and off different modes of attitude…

Annah: Oh, 'cause we all do. Yeah…

Wait a second here….!!!  Annah Reid is agreeing with Zach?  I smell a set up.

Mark: Mhmm.

Uh oh.  Mark agrees with Zach.  Something has to be done and done quickly!  Mark and Annah Reid cannot be in agreement with one of their spit-lings for long.  They must assert their superiority before Zach gets a submissive…er…big leadership head.

Zach: You know, 'cause if there's no allowance for that…

Annah: No, there is…

Annah Reid doesn’t like getting schooled.  But, oops…she got cut off.  The hammer is going to come crashing down soon.

Zach: ... and there's absolute submission all the time, that there's no opportunity to discuss matters that bring up dissension – or – division, like temporarily you'd see a wall come up and then all of a sudden discuss it, and then bring it back down…

Mark: Yeah…

Zach: If there's no provision for that, and there's got to be a principle of submission all the time…

Mark: There's always a principle of submission. There's always open-door policy to discuss something that, um, you feel is in question. But there's no…

Annah: Or something that you would like changed, or you disagree with…

Mark: …but there's no – and that can be private…

Annah: That's different.

Mark: …that can be private at any time. But there's no room for big old walls that are publicly displayed that, "Something is bothering me, and I'm not going to tell anybody" but everybody knows…
(Zach: Mark is referring to my lack of the required exuberance during the worship time)

…there's an elephant in the room because something is bothering Zach. He seems disconnected in worship, he doesn't say, "Hi" at the restaurant, he's out in his car after the service…

So, there it is.  It is perfectly reasonable for anyone to disagree with Mark and Annah Reid BUT it must be private!  At all other times, you are supposed to fake unity.
 …I don't know what the deal is: you sit apart from your wife in church a lot of times…
(Zach: Mark is referring to when my wife goes to the nursery with our little child and I don’t go with her.)

Huh?  Oh, right.  Typical M.O. here for these morons.  The iron gets hot and they must move on to other assumptive accusations.
Annah: Yeah, we don't want that anymore either. You need to be a couple; you're going to display that as a couple in church. You're married.

More of the same.  You shouldn’t be shocked.  We already know the reason for the “sitting apart from each other” from Zach.  But, it doesn’t matter.

I’m not saying that a couple sitting apart from one another in a church service should be ignored by a pastor or that it is none of his or her business.  Rather, I think it is VERY MUCH their business!  If they see a marriage on the rocks, isn’t it the right thing to do to go and ask, “How are things?”  Maybe take the couple out to dinner and chat or individually, even.

But, as Mark and Annah Reid are doing, why chew the couple out for it?  Why make it a requirement to pretend to be a loving couple when there is a chance things are not peachy keen? 

The answer is simple.  Mark and Annah Reid don’t give a flying rat’s rear end about others.  All they give a damn about is the god show that they are attempting to put on.  Anyone and anything that takes away from the worship of the “pastors” who had the foresight and the wherewithal to put together the spectacular stage act needs to be crushed.

I pity the broken marriage in their god club.  I pity the child who is being abused by his parents.  I pity the husband that is having sexual problems and being mocked for it by his wife.  I pity the wife who is being verbally and spiritually abused by her husband or “lover”.  I pity any and every hurt soul that comes under Mark and Annah’s roof.  They have no love.  None.  Only for themselves.

Mark: So, all these things are different from questioning a policy. That's what we're saying.

Annah: And it's not wrong, Zach, for you to come to us and say, "I don't know. I disagree with that. You know, like, could we do it this way?" That's one thing, but it's when you get an attitude, and then everybody else has to live with it. You know, like, "I'm angry; I don't get my way; So I'm going to let it..." Because, that's not submission. And I do agree that God will bring you into the process of learning submission, you know what I mean, and the fact of the way you run your house. However you want to run your house, you run your house, unless you're smoking pot, or whatever, or doing crap like that.

That was funny!  Where does she come up with these left field scenarios?

The problem here is quite clear.  Mark and Annah Reid get to tell you if you have an attitude.  And, if you are in disagreement, you will ALWAYS have an attitude.  There are no options here.  No choices, whatsoever.  You do everything their way or don’t do it at all.

Why do Mark and Annah keep reminding Zach that he is a leader and then squish him into the ground at every opportunity?  Zach wants to do things one way, but if these idiots aren’t 100% on board, Zach is unsubmissive and not worthy of leadership – which he never really had in the first place.

Zach: Yeah.

Annah: But we're talking church. We're talking CHURCH. Submission. Okay? We're not talking about your life outside of this church – yeah, and that too, like, if you're cooler than, like, the devil, and thinking you're coming in here and bringing demons coming in here, No! …

Huh?  Demons mean a lot to Mark and Annah Reid.  Their history as demon caster-outers defines them.

…But, we're talking, you have an issue, you don't agree, and we say NO. That's not the way it is. And you need to get over it, Zach, you need to say, "Okay. I'm going to submit." 'Cause you're not the boss. You're not the boss at your work. You're not the boss on the streets. You're not the boss all the time. And you get to be the boss sometimes, because God will give you that. But you don't get to be the boss of your world your whole life. And some people, what they do, is they go, "Nobody is going to tell me what to do. I'm only going to listen to God, and I'm the boss of my world." Well, be the boss of your world, and somehow God will get that broken, Zach. He will, in a season, I don't know what that desert thing would be, but I know that you don't have to. You can totally go, "You know what? You're right. You know what? I really do want to, you know, work on submission. And I do want to – it doesn't have to be my way. And I want that art of, you know, art, music, of, um, uh, the longing to yield even though you can express your – and nobody said you couldn't express your thoughts, your desires, but we might not do it your way, you know.

Yep.  Annah played her hand.  She’s the boss and Zach isn’t.  Zach is a pipsqueak of a human being.  She knows he’s just a sorry little employee at work.  And, on the streets, she knows Zach doesn’t pack any heat or pimp a harem.  He’s a nobody.  But he sure as hell WANTS TO BE THE BOSS!!!!!  Annah knows it!  Zach is a horrible, evil, slimy person who wants nothing more than to take the church away from Annah!

But, that’s not the grit of Annah’s point.  Her point is that SHE IS THE BOSS!

Also, it appears that, according to Annah Reid, all of us are sitting around, being subservient to all of our bosses, living in the desert (because, of course, nobody wants to be a servant to a master and anything but a boss is a worthless position in this world), waiting for that moment that Annah’s god reaches his hand down and places us above others.   Oh, for the day of our promotion.  We are all waiting with bated breath.

I want no part of that god.  But, no worries, because that god doesn’t exist, except in Annah Reid’s imagination.

One more thing:  Notice how she slipped in the “I'm only going to listen to God” bit as if it is an evil thing?  Pathetic.

Zach: Can I ask a question? You know, what is the end goal of finding a church, and then finding a pastor to be able to submit to; what's the end goal?

Annah: What is the end goal for God for you?

Huh?  I guess she’s asking that because, according to her, the whole point of life is to obey your pastor.

Zach: Or, just to do that…

Annah: No, I'm talking about – okay what do you mean?

Yeah, Annah.  You should shut up and listen more often.

Zach: …I have to find a church, as a human being, I have to find a church…

Annah: Yeah.

Zach: …and a pastor…

Annah: Yep!

Zach: Submit to them…

Annah: Yep!

Zach: …what's the end goal?

Annah: What's the end goal for God or for man?

Devious, Annah.  Devious.  I love it when cultic abusers like Annah Reid live their life according to Isaiah 55:8, 9 –

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Neither are your ways My ways," declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, SO are My ways higher than your ways, And my thoughts than your thoughts.

The problem is that they misquote it.  They use it to say, “The horrible life that you have to live under me isn’t my fault.  It’s God’s fault.  HE is the one that set up these rules.  Deal with it!  After all, you’ll never understand God’s ways.”

But, if someone asks them why they really DO know all of God’s ways because they constantly shove it down their spit-lings throats, they cry foul and yell accusations of rebellion – yelling the verse even louder, as if repetition proves a point.

In short, morons like Mark and Annah Reid miss the beauty of God.  Completely.  Life is a bunch of stupid astrological reference charts that cannot be deviated from unless you’re the one making them up.  I get tired just thinking about it.

Zach: Well, I don't know, it can…

Annah: Who do you want to live for? Do you want to live for man or do you want to live for God?

But, Annah!  With you, it’s one and the same!

Zach: I'm not living for man…

Annah: Okay, so do you want to live for God?

Zach: All the time.

Annah: Okay, so God's mission in putting men in authority over you is to humble you. You know why? You know why, Zach? We all have pride.

Annah does not have pride.  That’s why she blessed with being the lord of others.

I’m starting to puke over this broken record.  Authority is put over you to piss you off.  But you need it due to pride.  Authority kills pride and injects humility into your soul.  Thus you need authority.

Hey Annah, why are most of the people of the world not in charge?  Why are their holy asses of “pastors” like yourself that wouldn’t know what humility was if it was permanently tattooed on their arse?  Why are politicians imperfect.  I’m sure you hate Obama.  But, he was put in authority over you to humble you, right?  So why disagree with him publicly?

I could go on forever with practical examples of real life – something Mark and Annah Reid are not aware even exists.  But, I digress.

Zach: I have a man over me at my place of employment.

Annah: Yep!

Zach: That's legitimate.


Annah: Mhmm.

Annah missed that she was just put in her place as an illegitimate “authority” in our modern society.  Too funny.

Mark: Okay…

Annah: Yep. And God puts you under authority in the church, and He gives you pastors that you're to submit to, and if you can't learn submission, you can't lead.

Um.  Right.  So she didn’t miss it.  But, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.

Mark: God's end goal is to form Christ in us.

W.H.A.T. T.H.E. H.E.L.L.????!!!

What on earth is Mark injecting THAT into this conversation for?  What of the last seven Acts have we read about who Christ is with respect to this stupid authority doctrine?

It’s called buzzwords and jargon people.  Pile a load of crap on someone, then salt and pepper it with a few buzzwords of holiness and voila!!!!....you have a controlled religion.

I want nothing to do with their christ – small ‘c’.  Nothing!  They can have him, for all I care.


In Act Nine, Mark and Annah Reid expound on this new angle on christ.  You’ll see that christ is really just a tool to bring others under their thumb.  It has nothing to do with freedom.  Nothing to do with life.  Nothing to do with his yoke being easy and his burden light.  Nothing to do with love.  Nothing to do with servanthood.  Nothing.  It’s whatever they make of it.


  1. Reminds me of when certain deacons chewed me out for going someplace without my husband. I went to the Bluegrass Festival alone and I went to visit my parents in Florida alone. [With my husband's total permission and encouragement btw] They were concerned because they saw a "pattern." PUKE.

  2. Uh Mark? We are to form to Christ, not bottle him up in us...

    Incongruous, how did Zach remember all of this? Or was it recorded?

  3. Jon. Let's just say he has the official transcript. Not sure I can reveal the actual tools he used but I'm sure you can imagine, with the current advances in technology, what it was. But yes, he got whatever he got, word for word, then wrote it down in a transcript and passed it on to me.

  4. Okay...I just have to say something here.

    One minute they're speaking of how it was good when Zach "humbled himself," and then they're saying that any and all confrontation must be entirely private?!


  5. Do you think they know that you're writing about them? :P

  6. I sure hope so. You'll notice I keep using their names in the posts. That's quite on purpose. It's working too. If you Google them or the "church", this series completely obliterates their links. My goal is complete and utter destruction of their way of life. They need to go down. People's lives are at stake here.

  7. Your brother is safe and out of their way, right? Cuz I'd hate to see him go down with them because they'll know exactly who gave you this info....I'm sure you've thought about that but just had to mention it. :) Meanwhile, this has been a morbidly fascinating series to read.

  8. Yep. Safe. Thanks for the concern though. Sure he appreciates it.