Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Letter to My Wife

I dedicate this to Delores Ashworth - a true friend and sister.  You were like a loving grandmother to me and my children loved your smile.  You will be missed.

To my bride,

Today, at 9:15 AM, I learned of the death of one of my friends at work.  This woman was a very loving person who always had a smile and a laugh for any one of my dumbest jokes.  She brought doughnuts in on occasion for the whole office.  Her love of sailing, her husband, Mike, children, and of course, life in general, was an inspiration to me.  Her marriage was long lasting, appeared strong, and very warm and loving.

Yes, her marriage.  I saw you in her.  Her passing made me realize that it may have been a while since I let you know how important you are to me.

I love you.  From the day we met and spoke for hours under that rainy tent in Duluth, Minnesota, you have been the best conversant in my life.  I love talking to you.  Though we only get to now, after 9PM, I still enjoy every second I spend with you.  At times, I may throw a fit, due to my inner childish maturity, but when I come crawling back to reality, you are always there, waiting for me.

You have taught me the beauties of the simple things.  Brushing your hair, scratching your scalp, the neck massage, a small supper after your classes at midnight, the walking in the park with our arms around each other, straining to get closer and closer, cursing the heavy clothes between us, which, if removed, would still not be close enough, the fake shivering when you want to be wrapped in my arms, and laughing at the same stupid humor, over and over again.

You have watched me believe in a very restrictive religion and then open up to freedom.  Though it may scare you, you are ready to study and bring me to an understanding of how you see things, meshing it together with mine, making a beautiful, long lasting life together.  We have worked with varying parenting ideas and have realized, by your conclusions, that they all fall pathetically short of any goal.  Your desire to be more than a mother and wife and be loved by your children deeply, has moved me to desire to help them get there.

You have watched my struggles in that department and have prodded me with suggestions that we have re-molded, together, to make a workable and awesome life for our family.

The pleasure you find in your new career makes me deeply happy.  Even if you decide to throw it all away for something else, I still relish the fact that you are seeking your heart's desire and flying free as a bird.  Your dreams are becoming my dreams as mine are yours (unless I get all goofy with them.).  You have been impressed, sometimes feigning impression, every time I come up with a new idea.  Your excitement lasts for exactly the right time, dying away when the fire goes out in my eyes.  We work well together.

In short, you are the completion to my life here on earth.  The woman of my dreams.  My friend.  My lover.  My companion.  My equal.  My superior.  My loving healer of long felt wounds.  The salve for my sore soul.  You are my wife. 

I love you.