Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pending Post: Should I Obey My Pastor?

I will be uploading a home chat I had with a camera on this subject.  Its not authoritative, but I deem it very helpful. I just need to get it approved by my wife first. Keep checking back...

4/12/2011 - Yes, I've been preparing this post off and on.  Also, I tried to shoot it with a Vivitar and it didn't work out.  So, I'll be typing it up very soon.  Thanks for waiting patiently.  I hope you all have done some studying on the subject in the meantime so a lively discussion can ensue henceforth.  Ok, enough of the crappy old English.


  1. First, if you are believer in Jesus, He is your pastor, and He expressly stated, "But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers." Matthew 23:8

    Rabbi means teacher and was the leader of the Synagogue, but I'm not quite sure if they had command of the church as much as the modern pastor does. Anyway, the word rabbi is pretty much interchangeable with the word pastor. It's the same as saying do not call any man your pastor

    Jesus said His followers only have one rabbi. If you are a follower of men and not Christ, then you may find the need for a personal mediator like a man pastor.

    Now, if Jesus is your pastor, then yes you are to obey your pastor.

    I saw your posting on Commandments of men blog. My wife is freetothink. Anyway, I feel the same way about not having many friends. As a nurse, I form bonds with people on the outside than I do the average fundamentalist or evangelical. Thanks for writing.

  2. Don't spoil it!!!! j/k

    Hey thanks! I appreciate the kind words and the thoughts. I am in full agreement and am still preparing the video. I hope my thoughts as I work through my individual spiritual journey reflects well enough that other people desire a free life as well.

    Keep coming back for my other stuff, as well. I write about life. And life is a BIG thing to write about.