Friday, July 29, 2011

Daily Debate: July 29, 2011

I do this every day on Facebook and it is quite popular.

Popular means that at least one person gives it a thumbs up.  There are no prizes, but there are winners, co-winners, honorable mentions, and possibly losers.  But, you have to try REALLY hard to be a loser. goes.

Should we have a daily debate? 

Yep.  That's it!


  1. If this is in fact the first IC debate, then I'll give a winning, co-winning, honorably mentioned, and losing *YES!* (Losing, because, of course, there is no shame in being the first to say yes, no matter how many will disagree :-D )

  2. Lol! Hmmm... How self-defeating would it be to give the win to someone who uttered an unequivocal "No!"?

  3. I'm going to echo Hannah here!