Friday, July 8, 2011

Going Away for the Weekend

I am jealous of Lewis Wells and others that are so close to their extended relatives.  Mostly, the fact that I am not, is my own fault.  I grew up, raised as an elitist pig, looking at everyone who was not "saved", according to my single mother's (and her enablers) definition of "saved", as if they were going to hell.  That being the case, I was forbidden to associate with them unless it was necessary to make the familial political holiday showing.  Thus, I grew up hardly knowing my cousins, aunts, uncles, dad, stepmom, stepbrothers, all their pets, and even the trees they loved to hug.

Then, when I left that life, I drifted away from my siblings and my dad and stepmom as time marched onward.  I am only beginning to desire to claw my way back.

So, I am going away for the weekend.  Kristine, me and the terrors will be heading out to a resort (I hate camping due to the work involved) to hang out with all my siblings and their spouses and kids.  I think there are about 40 nieces and nephews at present between the seven of us.  My dad and stepmom will be there, as well.  Two-and-a-half days of life and love.

Much to Kristine's chagrin, I will be working on three blog posts for my eleven readers (yep!  I gained another reader since a few posts ago).  I will be writing an answer to another Ladies Against Free-Thinking post, a post on why men suck, and a cool story from the trip.  I'll just do it when Kristine is asleep at 3AM like I always do.

Love you all!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Life is both deep and wide my friend, plenty of room to rebuild those relationships. People are mostly awesome and forgiving. Sorry I used the word "rebuild" on your blog.

    Say hi to your sibs from me - the ones that remember me anyway.

  2. Sounds like you'll be having a great time! Siblings are amazing. I miss mine pretty bad, so you made me a bit jealous with this post ;)

    Hope you're having fun and can rebuild your relationships with them!