Friday, July 15, 2011

The Eighth and Final Square - QuicksilverQueen

I now introduce my next blog in my blog roll.

Anne, the author of this blog is someone after my own heart. I read through her website and, not only is it designed well, she articulates what is in my head every second of every day. She came from what seems like a very controlling patriarchal family and is now free.

She is currently writing about her experiences in meeting, becoming engaged to, and'll have to stick around for the rest. According to The Quicksilver Queen, her now husband (she must have gotten married...) Scottie, is "...the most wonderful, loving, patient man on earth... Truly, he is the best thing that has happened to me and I’m forever grateful!!!"

Those words alone keep me riveted to every post she writes. I want to know about a man who knows how to treat a girl well. After years of marriage, to still be in her mind like superglue. Mostly, it is the "patience" quality that captures my attention.

Anne also talks about herself. As most people have realized, current social media is a great venue to show the peppy and perky side of a person but fails to articulate the struggles we go through on a daily basis without people writing you off as a whiner and complainer. She started this blog so she could " open, honest, and transparent about myself and my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Unafraid of unnecessary disapproval, even while I try to objectively think over things people accuse me of to see if they carry any weight. Without the shackles of perfection."

In other words, we get front row seats - rather, premium seating - to a life being lived, seeking truth, and dealing with the questions about a real person, rather than a figment of someone's imagination.

Anne is working through throwing off not only the "shackles of perfection" but everything she had been taught to think while growing up. As she says, "[I am] still trying to figure out what I believe, and why."

And the way she goes about doing that is fascinating. I trust you will be riveted as well.


  1. Thanks for the link to Anne's blog. I just added her to my reader. Her story reminds me so much of my own.

  2. I love Anne so dearly! She is truly an inspiration, and her blog is so powerful and raw in its honesty. I'm so glad you have recommended her! =)

  3. I know both Anne and Scottie personally, and they are awesome! Truly good men are really hard to find nowadays, and she really found one! :-) She just moved out in July (I think) of 2010, and they eloped in August. :-D

    They are both truly inspirations, and I am so glad Anne is sharing her story! :-D

  4. I love her blog!

    Her parents got mine started down the P/QF path...

  5. I'm sorry, parents are doing a lot of damage to a lot of families in god's name.

  6. Ooooo, I know them too!!! :)

    *is proud of my claim to fame*

    They are awesome. They need to get their butts back here closer to me..... ;)

  7. Yeah, she's got a great blog, but so do you (grins).

  8. Right back at ya, Violet. Your "Old Pair of Slippers" post is my all time favorite.

  9. Darcy. Everyone needs to move closer to you. One day, I will get out to the Big Sky. We just cancelled a vacation to drive through.

  10. I love Anne. She is very courageous. Thank you for highlighting her blog.

    (And since we're on the topic, Darcy just flat out rocks.)