Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Think He Loves Me

I arrived home this evening to freshly washed floors and a complete disaster of a living room.  Some of the kids were cleaning the living room and Kristine was making supper.

Renaya (10) was stirring a pot of grits, laced with butter and cheese.  Kristine was baking bacon. (Yeah...I know.  A perfect way to ruin bacon, but anything Kristine makes is worth it, so I enjoyed it anyway.)  On the counter was a plate of an attempt at over easy eggs.  My bride had tried and failed to make eggs for the one billionth time (she openly admits this to all hearers even though I love her eggs).

She was frustrated and told me to make them instead.  I made them - perfectly for only the third and a halfth time in my egg making career.  I was proud of myself, proud of Renaya, proud of my bacon baking wife, and proud of the rest of the kids, who were still valiantly pretending to clean the living room.

I had just cracked my third batch of eggs and dumped them into the pan when I felt something brush against my leg.  Jack (4) was looking up at me, just standing by the stove.



"I just want to hug you."

Wow.  That never happens.  Tonight was a good night. 

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  1. The loving vibes must have just overflowed onto him until he couldn't help himself. :) Way to go daddy.