Wednesday, January 30, 2013

John Piper Wants to Be Murdered

In this piece, Pied Piper Boy states the following:
Suppose, I said, a couple of you students, Jason and Sarah, were walking to McDonald’s after dark. And suppose a man with a knife jumped out of the bushes and threatened you. And suppose Jason knows that Sarah has a black belt in karate and could probably disarm the assailant better than he could. Should he step back and tell her to do it? No. He should step in front of her and be ready to lay down his life to protect her, irrespective of competency. It is written on his soul. That is what manhood does.

Pardon me while I guffaw:


How about, Mr. Pied Piper Boy, you do the smart thing and let your woman do the disarming. No sense in being stupid and getting yourself kilt.

Kristine (my bride) is a black belt in tae kwon do. No way in hell am I going to be an idiot and pretend that some artificial "manhood" responsibility makes me her protector. She'd rather me alive and the perp dead so I can use my REAL manhood on her. *wink *wink *wink.

The Pied Piper also says:

God created man first in order to say that man bears a primary burden for protection, provision, and leadership.

 Well, hell's bells! If we're going by first come, first priority in getting murdered, why can't God, being that he was there BEFORE man, do the killing of the perp? Huh? Huh? HUH!?

Spare me the square pegs in round holes theology.  No matter how you pretend that it isn't outdated and ancient today, it's as pointless and unhelpful now - just like it was in ancient times when you, Piper Boy, were in college.


  1. And if that's true, Piper Dear, then why the female general and ruler riding to battle in the bible?

    I'm a christian, and John Piper's ridiculous views on gender make me mad and frustrated that we have to share that label. It would be hilarious, his take on gender, if people didn't actually believe that crap. I'm 5'2 on a good day, and not athletic in the least, and my husband is 6'8 and could take pretty much anyone I can think of. So yeah, I'll let him do the defending for us. But- if it was my uncle who's my size and more cerebral in bent, or my husband's 6 foot, defense-savvy sister, I'd put her in front every time. Because, actually, it IS about qualification and competency. Every time. Duh.

    Also, consciously or not, this seems like just another way of keeping women subservient and dependent on men. Think about it- if women are never to be allowed to use any martial skill they may have if a man is around, no matter the situation, then it makes little sense for women to learn those skills in the first place. And if women never learn to defend themselves, this leaves them completely dependent on men for their safety. This, in turn, can keep them in a bad situation because they believe that they are safer with a bad man than with no man, it can lend creedence to the ” do what I say or you lose my support and protection” threat, and it can a woman's freedom of movement and career choices to situations where she always has a man to protect her. Really, it's not a very big leap from there to ” women can't be in public without a man, for their own protection”. Scary.

  2. Pied Piper Boy lacks common sense. Before Manhood Jason as a chance to think about this nonsense Karate Sarah has already taken him out.

    Now everyone can rejoice that they are both alive and well, and the criminal will go to jail.

  3. There are TWO verses in the bible that tells you don't follow this advice.

    Proverb 22:3: The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.
    Proverbs 27:12 The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty

    The Chinese bible translates "the simple" as "someone who is stupid".

  4. What is so stupid about this whole scenario is that in reality, if Sarah has earned a black belt, she will be taking out the guy with the knife so quickly that Jason won't have time to finish contemplating what he should do. Piper is obviously not very familiar with martial arts training.