Sunday, January 27, 2013

There is Never Enough Money

The title of this post says it all.  There never is.  But that's partly due to my choices in life.  They are as follows, in no particular order, forgetting plenty:

1. I came into my working years with patriarchal Christian teachings that stressed that the woman must not work, stay at home, and have babies.

2. Birth control was evil.  It was God's job to open and close the womb, giving us as many kids as he wanted.  We were just to trust him to provide the finances.  No matter that I was perfectly capable of certain non-chemical or rubber assurances that a baby would not be the result of the enjoyment of other capabilities.

3. As a young man, I began receiving mailers from scam artists that preached the evils of working for "the man".  Being your own boss was the hot item of the day.  I ate it up.

4. I'm lazy and procrastinate entirely too much.

5. I shunned college (except for a 2-year technical diploma program during high school) until we had five children.

We are just now, in the last few years, rectifying the above five problems.  It's going to be a struggle and the kids will notice that we are working hard with the goal of rolling back the clock.  But the fact is, we aren't getting any younger and the years are flying by fast.

Oh, the wonderful advice I can now give my kids.  They may have struggles, but they won't be like these struggles.


  1. Haha, you think your kids will listen to you when they grow up. That's so cute! ;-)

    Your cynical smart ass friend, SS

    1. LOL! Yes. They've signed all the legal documents. They are now required to.

  2. It's true, though, that with thoughtful parenting (even if it is bad but well-intended), children usually don't make the same mistakes their parents did.

  3. This. This so much. I was told money didn't matter as long as you had faith and family. Yes, we can survive without money, but it really does help. Great post.